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  1. Phil Spencer was new in the role of Xbox lead. They were hurting. He figured MCC would spawn sales and pushed for the early release despite the obvious issues. His record has been positively superb since. Bonnie Ross was unsuccessful in fighting MCC's release. She got a pass... again. 4 MP... fail MCC.... fail 5 SP.... fail HW2... fail books... fail toys... fail HWC... fail How many passes is she going to receive?
  2. Shame. He was probably the most competent individual in a senior role at Microsoft's Halo division. And the seemingly natural successor for when they canned Bonnie. Well, they didn't fire her. She didn't leave on her own accord. One can only hold out so long while taking orders from a troop of orangutans.
  3. That argument makes no sense. Things change. That's fine. It's just that - regarding this franchise - they haven't exactly changed for the better.
  4. Played h5 this afternoon. Disappointed? Sure Surprised? Not a chance in hell Too floaty. Marshmallow physics. Not fun. Tainted by memories of MCC. Their motivation for sabotaging Halo's legacy is more apparent. That's that.
  5. I've been outspokenly negative about 343 Industries since they released this shit-show of code. And despite having sworn off Xbone long ago; at essentially $100 for the S Halo bundle, I jumped the gun and grabbed that shit. The dilemma I'm having right now is whether to keep or sell MCC & the H5 disc that came along with it, bringing the cost of the console down to $80. I have never played H5 out of protest, and haven't played MCC since DEC 2014. Any suggestions?
  6. For the upteenth time, 343 is not a sentient being. Bonnie Ross is a person. Dan Ayoub is a person. People do different jobs other than managing a game franchise or game development. They would never find another job in the game industry, but so what? They're not suited for it anyway.
  7. All I really wanted out of H2A... My fav game of all time. Instead they shit on its memory. They deserve my hate for that.
  8. Not Dan Ayoub or Bonnie Ross. No mention on their LinkedIns. "Just like you remember it never happened."
  9. OK. Who is "they" in this specific instance? Because it is commonly accepted that "vision" is dictated from the top down. Naming names would be a good start.
  10. Despite the atrocious DLC decisions - Mechanically - I thought H4 was a damn fine first original effort. MCC is unforgivable and completely destroyed the last thread of good will Bonnie Ross & her exec team may have salvaged with the fanbase. Programmers/Artists are doing fine. But they do need a new coaching staff.
  11. You guys who consider a studio as some sentient entity do the whole group there a disservice. While the pace of gameplay, limited map selections/aesthetics, DLC/microtransactions, and other business decisions of Halo 4 and Halo 5 are repulsive; the actual coding is A OK on both original games.The programmers & artists are doing fine work but require direction from an individual who understands what their demographic wants out of the franchise. As I've been stating for nearly two years, Microsoft needs to purge the entire administrative staff currently at their 343 Industries division. Namely, give the studio a new leader. And let him bring in a new administrative team.
  12. Are you suggesting any animal couldn't do the same job a person could? Just add bestial equality into the mix for the world's sheep lovers. Now how do we appease the plants?
  13. Friction and creativity rely on each other to progress ideas. But the source of friction varies greatly between both groups. I think that much of Halo's friction - and to a larger extent - workplace friction now derives from feelings of occupational inequality rather than technical obstacles. Microsoft is at the forefront of promoting gender/racial/bisexual/trisexual equality. Many of their promotions are based in politics. Even Nadella got hired for political reasons. Scott Guthrie is far more intelligent (read: qualified). But it was thought that Nadella's Indian origins would help Microsoft garner favor with India's growing market. It has not. There's a point there somewhere, but the quality of Microsoft's products speak for themselves.
  14. Sums up Microsoft in general. Windows 8 shit on the legacy of Windows. Xbox One shit on the legacy of Xbox & the 360. Halo MCC shit on the legacy of Bungie's Halos. Windows Phone 8 shit on the legacy of Windows Phone 7 which itself had shat on the legacy of Windows Mobile 6. Cortana shit on Clippy's legacy. The company seems to be mismanaged at nearly every level. And when they do purges of senior people, those individuals had already promoted the other imbeciles whom then take the top tier positions. So it's all quite cyclical. A damn shame really.
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