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  1. Gamertag: Sygma Salamanda Game: Halo 2/ Anniversary Region: AUS but have a good connection About: I often go for speed run records but will play normally without glitching the game... I prefer playing on Easy - Heroic cuz legendary takes you to the previous checkpoint when 1 of u die and that gets quite annoying...
  2. Gamer tag: Sygma Salamanda Matchmaking is my main preference but am happy to do customs Region: Australia (Yeah I'm from that place.)
  3. yes me and my friend played H2 back in 2004-2008 (2008 is when I got my X360) but we never went online with it, so that was never patched for us, Yay! I can always go back and sword fly and all that on H2 as I kept it when I found out I could play it on X360
  4. Sword flying is in the game but it is very hard to do. YXR (Sword Fly) and YXRY or YXRX (Sword Fly into Sword Cancel) are not in the game but there is still a few small sword flies in the game. If you lunge at an enemy and they crouch you can sometimes fly straight over their head, this often works better when you are slightly higher than the enemy you intend to "fly" over although the range of the sword can't be changed it still takes you pretty far, chain this with some slide jumps and you have a pretty fast way of getting around the mission. Hope this helped. This is technically not sword fly but it still is the only thing close to it in H2A. I found this out while playing "The Arbiter" (The 4th mission in the Halo 2 Campaign) on the 1st of October, 2015. B) P.S. After speed running levels with swords for some time you find it is kind of random but "The Arbiter" is by far the easiest level to do it on. Thank You For Reading, Sygma Luculent, Co-Leader, Sygma Gaming
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