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  1. Honestly this one thing almost ruined the stream for me entirely, I've been an avid Halo fan and have watched all the major tournaments since Halo 2, on twitch commenting and making jokes is part of the core experience for me. I got permanently banned for making such a lighthearted joke, it honestly almost turned me away from the stream completely. Obviously there should be some sort of moderation for spam and some really disgusting comments, but the things I saw people get banned for... I imagine there's others that feel the same way in thinking the moderations were far too strict. Sorry for sounding so dramatic, I really like to keep my posts somewhat positive on here. I just can't believe I wont be able to make comments on the Halo channel anymore so something so trivial. other than that I really enjoyed the tournament, ran pretty smoothly imo. Player cams would have been nice, one of the better Tourneys I've watched in recent years. Kudos to IG and 343i.
  2. I thought it was the boltshot but it looks slightly different, there's two orange circles near the top where the boltshot only had one, also it looks slightly bigger, probably just a redesign though.
  3. No one posted that an insider basically confirmed that Halo 2 anniversary is coming this year with H5 beta? H5 delayed till 2015
  4. I'd be shocked if the MP still sucks. No sprint pls
  5. Can someone please list all the Halo pros and what COD team they're on? lol
  6. IKR? They better win! I want to watch them dammit!
  7. I just want to watch Primal play...
  8. They're not going against Optic
  9. C'mon I haven't seen Primal play yet...
  10. As some other people have said, it'll be really awesome to have a focus on the competitive scene. The story structure was actually quite good in SSB documentary, something similar would be great. I'll be looking forward to the finished video (s)
  11. Damn I totally forgot about Jessi Slaughter.... thanks for reminding me -_-
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