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  1. I hit all of the traits you are looking for! I am in the exact same situation as you, where I want to grind out the end of Master Chief Collection until Halo 5 comes out, then make a hard push into the competitive tournaments and leagues for Halo 5! My gamertag is Toler Supreme.
  2. How's it going all? I'm from Mosinee (near Wausau) but go to school at UW - Stout (in menomonie). I'm a skilled player who would love to get together with locals or anywhere in wisconsin for tournaments.
  3. Gamertag: Toler Supreme Looking for a skilled team to do HCS (haven’t touched the playlist yet on MCC, but I’m a good player!) and sometimes Halo 2 anniversary or halo 3. If we play well together I want to form a team for Halo 5 leagues and tourneys. Region: Wisconsin Add me and send me a message saying you saw me here on teambeyond!
  4. How's it going all? My name is Tyler and I've been a halo player/mega-fan since Halo 2 was released. I play MCC all the time just the same as I did for Halo 4, 3, Reach, ODST, 2, CE, etc... I am at my core a huge Halo fanatic and I've always considered myself a fairly skilled competitive player, although I haven't played on a team in a long time. So I would really love to form some friendships with the community here, get a team together to play MCC until Halo 5 comes out, and then form a competitive team for Halo 5. In the long run I'd like to practice with some other skilled individuals in MCC and form a team for tournaments when Halo 5 releases. So who wants to add me and start doing some competitive playlists in MCC and then if we work well together, form a team to tackle some eventual tournaments and leagues for Halo 5? Maybe try and get to 50 in MCC before then? I just want to play! =) GT: Toler Supreme Thank you all!
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