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  1. I mean Fortnite just added a replay feature a month or 2 ago. Something H3 debuted ELEVEN years ago. You could even view games in parties of 4 before whatever broke it. 4 player co-op/forge/fileshare were also pretty newish/nifty things. Modern Halo hasn't had any new or awesome features basically since Reach.
  2. I've been saying this for a couple years, It REALLY needs to happen. Also Forge 3.0(?) needs to have drop-able AI. Imagine being able to make your own scenarios/small missions that anyone can download/buy. I'm also a fan of a in-game economy like CS:GO. All this along with a big push for PC...we BACK.
  3. I honestly thought we would be on playtest #3 by now. edit: oh snap test 2 is this weekend, wonder if the settings will be AR starts, I'm leaning twords yes Hope I get in!!
  4. Awesome to see that amount of money put into competitive. I rather grind my nails on chalkboards than to play Battle Royale competitively, but I will tune in 100% and watch.
  5. The lead up to H6 is looking promising. PC players can game Halo Online while Xbox gets a fixed/upgraded MCC. Then we all meet up in the promise land of Halo 6.
  6. "Brand new engine" most likely means modified H5 engine. Destiny 2 still is using stuff from H1.
  7. IMO this is the last H5 thing going on. After this expect 1 bug fix patch, MCC getting reiterated on and a E3/VGA H6 announcement for 2019.
  8. Why not just put Forge on steroids and display what is possible, with a heavily polished Halo Battle Royale playlist at launch??
  9. If this thread was 100% Halo 5 I would read it way less. SOME off topic is fine, IMO of course.
  10. This is why you only sell 49% of your baby. Don't blame him though, I would of sold out as well. It's just so much $. Gears team will be gone when their contract ends 100%.
  11. Wow these updates are hyping me up...seems like they plan on working on MCC for years in the future, which begs the question of, if they are going full "modern halo" for Halo 6...
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