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  1. I am loving it, it is very interesting how it all works. Can't wait to get the full game.
  2. Anyone else having mic problems?? Two of my friends and me have all had are mics break in the last couple weeks in the exact same way. The wires in the cord is the problem because you have to hold the cord a certian way to get them to work. I can't wait for a decent mic and I am defitly not buying the new Xbox One Stereo mic because I don' think I can trust it either. Anyone know if steelseries is gonna be able to make a Xbox One compatible mic? Is is Xbox One doing deals with Turtle Beach only??
  3. A few of these needed to be in from launch but at least they are finally getting here. Also I thought the very big update was gonna be right before E3 in June.
  4. The xbox one DVR records like five minutes at a time.
  5. I can't make it not look like Master Chief.... I can't make it not look like the figure is facing forward.... I don't really like it. Lol
  6. I liked Reach a lot... with bloom. I honestly think bloom worked really good and increased the skill gap. I became way worse when they took it away. My friends who with bloom i could beat them 15-0 in 1v1's easy because they hadn't played and practiced controlling their bloom but with no bloom it would be more like 15-10.
  7. Everyone is just chasing the fame and the money(what little there is). Its hard to find any real love for the game itself.
  8. Or maybe people are to used to Halo 2... Nostalgia has always been one of the major problems for Halo in my opinion. People are always like this isn't just like Halo 2... not playing. Not saying Reach was better than Halo 2 or that the randomness is good but competitive Halo needs to grow and cater to casuals so we can grow.
  9. Exactly how I see it. It doesn't need to go. It's good in my opinion.
  10. Those were some amazing games!!! Ninja and Legit finally get the win!!!!
  11. This should be a fun day. I am really excited for these games.
  12. I don't think these trolls in the chat will ever leave this G4C stuff alone. Every event I have to hide the chat. A lot of trolls in Halo streams for some reason.
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