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  1. Tollo1092 MM - Looking to climb ladder hc the first couple weeks. Willing to setup scheduled practice/ladder climb with the right players. North America
  2. GT: Tollo1092 Add me when you get on today! I'll be on all day working on rebuilding my accuracy/ grinding HCS ladder.
  3. Added! I just went out and bought a nicer headset than the stock, switched from TV to my 3rd monitor (I ran a triple monitor set up on my PC), set up a wired connection for my controller, and swapped to bumper jumper controls. Ready to start learning.
  4. Hey guys, I'm Tollo. I've been playing Halo since CE with 4-box system links (ah, the good ole days). I have played every halo game (cept odst) and even did pretty well in (the real) Halo 2, earning a semi-respectable rank of 42 in doubles (at age like 14 and with 0 competitive knowledge - Didn't even know what a BXR was). Now I just picked up an xbox one with MCC after some time away from the series, and I'd like to play competitively. I just got back into it so I'm still getting my accuracy back. If anyone is either in the same boat as me or willing to get me acclimated to the current meta of MCC, my GT is Tollo1092 I have experiencing playing other games at a competitive level so I'm not unaccustomed to what it takes to play a game competitively and I'm willing to learn. I look forward to meeting some people on here and hope I can find some people to play with. I've been solo queueing so far which is not fun.

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