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  1. People that think pros aren't taking addy cracks me up. It's like talking to people who think the top bodybuilders aren't on steroids.
  2. @1:49 "Frosty took the sniper away from CLG" Frosty obviously not a team player.
  3. All he did was give his opinion. He even explicitly said he wasn't being malicious towards anyone as a person. I am sure most pros, you included, have an opinion on players from top teams that you think aren't great (at H5) compared to everyone else.
  4. I guess pros don't like Contra? Someone above posted basically the same list otherwise but the pros ignored him. You weren't even hostile haha.
  5. Fair enough. I am on a mobile device so I am not going to give a long response now. I will do it the next time I actually have a physical keyboard. Also, looking back my comment did seem harsh. My apologies.
  6. Why the neg? You asked what people thought. Do you just want the circle-jerk responses?
  7. Honestly, a waste of a day off. You used the word freshman to describe the size of the paper, but it also describes every other aspect as well. This was basically an extended forum post and it read like one.
  8. Lol he has always done that. He has simply changed his tone.
  9. Definitely the right decision on his part. I assume he didn't have the choice to wait after HWC was done to take the job. No matter how big the prize pool gets, Chig made the right choice by taking the job. I wish him well in the TL org.
  10. Woah, calm down. It was simply a joke because EG dominated H2A while while Heinz and co. were usually second. I didn't intend for it to be a serious statement. I will take some blame though, because I don't use emotes so I can't really complain when the tone isn't communicated.
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