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  1. Okay thanks and yes I know the apparent advantages just for me personally l don't really notice like I said doubt I would play any worse. I also sit far enough that I can always keep track of the whole screen. Not a bad price though it would seem in the US anyway, probably double the price to buy here in the UK.
  2. I don't know, How much was it? I don't think for me personally it would have much of an impact. My brother though on the other hand insists on using a smaller screen as he plays better on it. For me though personally can't say it makes a difference.
  3. Easily haha, I don't have a problem playing on any screen or with any setup if I am honest.
  4. Nope normally I play on a 42" samsung tv. I play on 3 sensitivity the same as all past games. I find the aiming to be smooth if I am honest.
  5. Why are people complaining about the aiming? Seems perfectly fine to me.
  6. I think you will only be able to play campaign as long as you are offline.
  7. Do your kids like Halo though? Buy it as a gift for them? two birds one stone and all lol?
  8. No one because the embargo lifts at 5pm and I finish work at 5pm So I will then go home and I have no way to watch the stream so right now I am pretty gutted.
  9. You would hope so though, would suck for the Pro guys to match each other in the first 10 games constantly due to the current low population then all get stuck in bronze/silver ranks due to winning around half their games each then having to grind at launch to reach where they should be just because they played early.
  10. Fair enough I hadn't seen this tweet. However the email did go on to say that there were also 15 plus DLC maps free of charge post launch that why when I read the 20 plus maps at launch part I assumed the above as they were included separately within the same email. I would post a copy of it here but I don't know how.
  11. I had an email today regarding Halo 5 from Xbox in the email it say there will be more than 20 maps at launch. So is anyone think its possible some stuff is just being kept secret still and hidden from us so we have a few surprises before launch? Maybe the list of maps for arena and team slayer playlist etc at launch are still incomplete and there will be more than we initially thought?
  12. How about we settle this I will 1v1 both of you, I will subsequently lose because you are more than likely both a lot better than I am. However I don't particularly care and you can then be both happy knowing you won a 1v1 to a lesser opponent and stop this childish little argument you are having and we can all put your toys back into the trolley.
  13. Hey leave one plot alone, it would be fun for a custom game FFA 1 plot king of the hill ground pounds only!!
  14. Would be funny, all the bad Halo players would reach pro rank or whatever they call it now in the team arena playlist just because all the decent players quit every time breakout pops up.
  15. Ooo okay then thanks, guess I will just have to wait it out the until they release a separate objective playlist then or breakout is removed as I like want to play Strongholds and CTF but despise Breakout why do 343 need to shove it down our throats, It has its own playlist if people like it they will play it and ask for it to be included in arena if they think it fits. 343 logic though I suppose.
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