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  1. as much as its great playing Oddball Halo 5's version of Oddball is just not the same experience as h3 Oddball to me, attention to small details matter and I wish we had the Oddball skull for this,that would have been better instead of having the Assault ball.
  2. well i tweeted to everyone at 343 from higher ups to middle-lower ups,no response yet(if they do respond)
  3. well WPNS'Grade recently made this video for h6 as well(you'll notice the irony in the beginning,middle and especially the end of the vid,basically they do the opposite of what they"think is right",I think he hits the nail in the coffin; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZM4mB0SJHqA
  4. Gonna be streaming some Halo 5 or Overwatch in a few minutes,if not streaming an AJSA(Angry Joe Show Army) Overwatch Gaming community event tonight 6.30 pm est.Quickplay and customs will be played.Streaming it at https://mixer.com/samshepardgaming
  5. Just wanted to mention I created an Xbox Club if anyone ever wanted to play HCS settings for FFA and 4v4.There are 3 other members at the moment and I may make a post soon in the club if anyone there wanted to play the HCS 2017 Playlist or just do it in customs.If you want to join the club just search for it at HCA Amateur Pro Competitive 4v4 and FFA Settings Club.Or just message my at my gt: awakeningrager1 if you want a direct invite.Thanks.
  6. if you get a big enough group will you guys also post any eventual gamenights for evolved on the evolved kids xbox club?
  7. May/probably stream some Halo in a few short minutes or some Overwatch Competitive Placement matches until we have a AJSA Overwatch Community Event 6.30 EST today.I will stream either regardless at: http://beam.pro/samshepardgaming
  8. I know. tweeted to him again today hopefully he sees the default evolved movement setting for jump height as well or an example like the one above.
  9. arg makes a good point nookyard,playing classic halo say in in 4v4 dev maps just does not work cause of elongated sight lines and maps stretched out cause of abilities like sprint of which the maps have been designed for.Can you use the Evolved settings for movement speed thatt wxists now or like the youtuber roniboney did from the vide above a few posts make the following changes and i Quote:I upped the shield health from 70% to 80% The movement speed I put down to 110% Horizontal and vertical speed went to 120% and I put strafe speed to 110%
  10. sadly no cause of no h3a either.if i were to have a compromise between modern halo players and classic(as some pros have said they wanted halo 5 or halo to have its gameplay slowed down a bit) ive always suggested remove sprint,spartan charge and maybe ADS too.that way modern players keeps most of their mechanics while classic players will have the games slowed down a bit,map design hopefully can be better
  11. I let the video explain itself,also at the top right of the corner if you move your mouse over close to the middle or the top right you can vote on which mechanics you prefer if you are logged in to youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyUMZiLeljQ I feel this way.The gameplay while in alpha still looks good.Sorry if this vid have been posted already.
  12. well i make or made halo content(which is average at best) but have recently been unable for diff reasons. 1.since the recent xbox update they removed the snap feature for twitch app so i can stream from that,make highlights and post them to my youtube so i have to use Beam which does not have edit vid to make a highlight which is sad but coming soon in summer. 2: since i mostly play competitive in arena n customs browser w a mix of social there is no sense of replayability other than trying to get better,trying to get a diff challenge to complete like halo 3 n reach system did,there is no incentive for me that much as i have not played warzone alot or lately, i also dont do warzone related vids as dont care bout reqs much.3.cause halo has changed so much i feel less motivated to do halo content.4 I used to upload highlights from social,custom games when i and the gaming community im part of had halo events but we have not had them for awhile so i cant upload.I may make some HCS summer 2017 related vids if people contacted me bout it n wanted to play it etc
  13. Well its a shame if h3a is not happening cause that will show that 343 does not respect the part of the community that wants a classic halo experience,fully working and fully featured.I dont think they will reveal h3a at e3(i hope they do).On a side not this great video by Favyn shows why its not a Bungie vs 343 thing : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-S4PJ0tFVI8
  14. ii'd like universal settings for ffa with these current weapon,grenade settings.s anyone here interested in getting people together and trying out these new settings for ffa customs or team arena gametypes sometime?
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