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  1. I fear we may potentially see another 4-0 in the Grand Finals for the third year running, but I never would’ve imagined TOX could be on the receiving end. Good god Splyce are dominant.
  2. That was insane from Snipedown! And 50k got to witness that on stream.
  3. I think that’s the closest 8-1 you’ll ever witness. Amazing final.
  4. If all these no-radar streams & pro-player discussions convince 343 to remove radar from the HCS, someone needs to edit all the recent HWC news & no radar into the Vince McMahon gif!
  5. It's ok to say "tea bagging" *criticism But seriously, fantastic event, currently at work in the UK on 3 hours sleep but with a huge smile on my face! Great work all round.
  6. I have work in 3 hrs time but that was totally worth it! Upvotes for everybody!
  7. Oh. My. God! Whatever the outcome, this series has been 100% worth sacrificing my sleep for (UK). Epic Grand Finals is the icing on the cake of a great weekend of Halo intel.
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