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  1. More like Rasheed Wallace A mutual friend of ours once quoted "It's not who you know, it's who knows you". I have found that to be extremely true over the years.
  2. Not just Cumberbatch, it's the smug Brit stereotype, that even when they're playing Americans (House)
  3. We'd very much like to attend G4G, we'll see how the next few days go
  4. That place was full of community members all weekend. Great to have everyone together and having a good time
  5. Activisions World League isn't the only thing running CoD though. MLG, UMG, MES, and others will still run events throughout Blops3's lifetime. And if Halo has any LAN events other than Worlds, or if there are weekend cups or a pro point system similar to the previous two seasons, conflicts with schedules will likely occur.
  6. If the last 2 seasons of the HCS are any indication, there will be conflicts. During S1 and S2 of H2A CoD events consistently overlapped with Halo events.
  7. Look, you don't need to use self important titles like "COO" Kappa
  8. Team eLevate would like to announce its re-entry into Halo. http://elevate.gg/articles/news/general/135/team-elevate-signs-top-level-halo-team-anticipates-halo-5
  9. Good games to all the teams that played today. Look forward to Atlanta dang, when did I lose my purple?
  10. Ricochet is actually a very fun and competitive gametype. Unfortunately I don't see it getting picked up. I would love to see it in the preseason/community cups to see the games.
  11. Denial =/= Noble Robby and Ray know what they are doing. They won't let something like that slide
  12. Wouldn't be the first time http://www.ugcniagara.com/ https://www.ugcevents.com/ not the same UGC's
  13. As far as any CoD pros attending events goes, that would be cool, unfortunately over season 1 MLG repeatedly dropped CoD events on the same weekends as Halo ones. I don't see them stopping that any time soon. Even Iron Gaming has a conflicting MLG event happening, it's not a CoD event (its CSGO) but I think this pattern will continue.
  14. If you start/quit supporting a team based on who's on it, you aren't supporting a team, you're supporting the players. You'd be no different than a person that is suddenly a Buffalo Bills fan because McCoy left Philly
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