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  1. maybe in clownworld it doesn't but in reality it is. Your sex & gender are both normally tied to your chromosome. xy = male = straight. xx = female = straight. Yes, normally. Anything different and that person is abnormal. Gay/Bi isn't normal, hence why there is such an insanely small minority of them. Same thing with all the other ******** shit dumbass SJWs come up with (my favorite is pansexual LMFAO). And also hence why vast majority of people feel knee-jerk reactions to these people, and hence why there is serious social blowbacks for being gay/bi/whatever. etc etc LGBT can whine and cry all they want about this not being fair, but Mother Nature is a savage and she don't give a shit about fairness. The sooner you accept this, the easier it is to accept the shit you can control.
  2. oh my god you go full blown SJW millenial on me with this one a transexual woman is a MAN (XY CHROMOSOME NEVER CHANGES, SORRY) who was born with the mental illness body dysmorphic disorder and thinks he's a woman. Usually coupled with a huge hormonal disbalance. Not their fault. If I had this illness and my hormones would be out of whack, of course I'd be feeling like the opposite gender too. Biomechanics is god. You cant be trans without having that mental illness. Therefore, all trannies are mentally ill. This isn't hate speech. I have no problems with transexuals. This is all facts. And instead of getting the help they need to correct/cure this (by balancing out the hormonal levels to that of their average chromosome - either xy or xx), they are now ENCOURAGED to further hurt themselves (men CHOP their dicks off and inject a shit ton of estrogen. no good for health) and are celebrated for all this shit. "Durr hurr, what's the standard for each chromosome???? there arent none, there arent even genders durr hurr" Men (xy) on average have more testosterone than women (xx). And more of it then estrogen in their bodies. Women are the opposite. So if you have a xy thinking it's xx, correct his hormones and he will start to feel more like xy again. I've known a couple of people who were thinking they were transexual and I've helped them by recommending a healthier lifestyle based on their chromosome. I recommended heavy lifting, eating healthy, sleeping better, certain manly hobbies, etc, and now they are wonderful young men with zero thoughts of being the opposite sex. if that poor kid's fate were to be decided by any degenerate of today, he would have been encouraged to "follow his heart" and do whatever he wants - and then he would have went to the doctor, chopped his dick off and injected a whole bunch of estrogen that would have ruined him (trannies arent happy. FACT) You can't give mentally ill trannies free choice to do things on their own accord - not life changing shit like that. You're supposed to guide them. Their family & friends, everyone around them is supposed to guide them to NORMAL. But how does that work if everyone around you is either so scared of being called a fucking "BIGOT" or simply too brainwashed to follow the right path themselves? That's why we have transexuals today.
  4. Translation: "I attempted to white-knight a tranny model on twitter and got blocked because I creepily asked it to DM me, a total stranger, like some kind of creep." Hey man props to you for actually getting blocked on twitter by anyone verified. Those people have a shit ton of notifications daily, so for them to go out of their way and block you... you have to have solid troll game Respect
  5. >"if u ever wanna talk about it more my DMs are open" >no response smooth shit bro also: I'm 99.9999999999% that "chick" is a dude. Jaw way too wide & strong, not to mention crazy chin. wood not bang
  6. [tweet=https://twitter.com/datboimemes/status/729792513280598016]
  7. elite athletes have grown in size over the years and their lifespans have gotten shorter coincidence? i dont believe in those
  8. take GTA 5 trevor and give him sum yuuuge ass tittes
  9. cant believe it's 2016 and no one has suggested this but give her a penis
  10. every single athlete is roided out of their minds. Very little talent involved.
  11. lifting heavy is cardio crew till the moment of death
  12. legit crin at Bisping vs Rockhold clown world UFC strikes again LOL
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