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  1. You mean that new take version of Halo 2s MP in that new Engine? YES. One thing for me is, that there wont be glitches on that 6 Maps. So i dont have to learn any combos etc. But i want more infos in General like other already said. That collections will be out in almost 4 months. I want to see more :/ I hope that RTX Panel will give us some new good Infos.
  2. Probably not. Some Maps even have fixd geometry. And its a fixd Version of the Havok Engine (the physics engine). So we probably wont see super bounces on the Xbone. Maybe people will find new spots. But so far, the most known jumps i know werent working anymore.
  3. Funny that you mentioned that. I played Halo 2 PC (Xbone Version is based on Halo 2 PC)hours ago and many (if not all) superbunces are not working anymore. Higher fps, fixd Havok Physics..
  4. Uhm Frankie said that this "new" Engine includes the H4 renderer... it is a new Version of that Halo Engine... Halo 5 will be a completly new Engine. Fire up the PC Version for this Games and you will already have that.
  5. So we will probably get that BLUR CGI Trailer that was leaked already in better Quality
  6. Button Glitches will work in the OG Halo 2 MP. Glitches probably wont work in the 6 new remastered MP Maps. New Engine etc.
  7. I hope we get some unedited MP Gameplay out of it. Offscreen or directfeed. I mean the the Anniversary Maps or Campaign. OG Halo 2 MP wont need Videos ^^
  8. The Multiplayer Videos from this Collection need to be on a different platform than youtube. Would be a waste to upload gameplay to youtube. If wont show a difference. I can Upload Halo 2 Gameplay in 1080p right now and could claim that its from the MCC. We need HQ 60fps Videos. Gamersyde would be good for that. But 343 has to find a platform etc
  9. No it has more to do with people who cant accept that not everyone likes/loves/prefers the same game. Downvoting someones post into oblivion is trolling to me and has nothing to do with disagreeing. NBNS Reach is not more competitive to me. The more Team focused Gameplay from Halo 3 is a way better Competitive merit. And who cares about the Netcode when the games were played over Lan at a tournament? And with this Collection halo 3 will play so much better. Dedis, 60fps. It wont feel sluggish. And thanks to no hitscan, it will take more skill IMO.
  10. Halo 3 is a great game and a awesome Halo to me. Unlike the Trash called Reach or Halo 4. NBNS Reach was the same trash as OG Reach to me. Halo 3 was better competitive wise. And it was way more fun to watch than shitty Reach. PS: No need for that troll downvoting. People need to accept opinions. Holy shit someone prefers Halo 3 over Halo 2, the world is going to end. Sometimes i really wonder how old some people are.
  11. You guys know that there will be Playlists that feature all 4 games... Im worried that we wont see that much dedicated Playlists to one game. And there wont be much playlists that caters only to your taste. Im seeing someone saying only HardCore or MLG Playlists, i have to laugh. Sry but the Casual Crowd will be the majority. And we still will see normal Team Slayer with AR garbage etc. This Collection is not only made for the competitive people, theres still custom games if you cant stand the Public MM. I would be ok with if Ranked SWAT would feature Halo 2 and 3. But thats only one example i can think of right now hehe
  12. Halo 3 is a good game and a good Halo. So i dont see a problem.
  13. No this is simply stating that this New Engine with the 6 remastered Maps wont have this glitches.
  14. So my theory was true about this remastered MP Maps. Old OG Halo 2 will have everything intact and the Anniversary Maps are going to be a modern take on Halo 2 gameplay.
  15. Lol and that messy communication begins between Microsoft telling Retailers and 343 not knowing the EU date... wtf
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