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  1. hey guys what's going on. i have been playing since halo 1, went to two mlg events in 2006 (chicago and new york) for halo 2 (top 64 ffa/team). been playing competitively since halo 2. played in the last couple of hcs cups and have points (lost to optic round 3) but i'm looking to find a team that is more dedicated to this game and is willing to play more than once a week. lets run some games if you're down. i added you @@GUNPLEX my gt is siriiuss. hope to talk later. have a great weekend everybody!
  2. Thanks guys, sorry I did not add you earlier. I am modifying this thread to include all Halos for active players seeing that the MCC will be out in two months. If you play XBC Halo 1/2 or Halo 3/4 online, please mention in your post and I will note it accordingly next to your gamertag on the list. Thanks everyone and be sure to add others!
  3. sirius


    sup bro. i don't think i've ever played against you which is crazy since i have played competitively off and on since halo 2 too...you should link your youtube channel in your sig though your montage is pretty slick
  4. Added both of you, thanks for posting. Please add the others.
  5. Thanks for posting guys, please be proactive and add others on the list. If you know others that want to find customs, have them post in this thread as well.
  6. Team Name: Old Dudes Winner: Old Dudes Round Number: Round 3 Score: 2-0 Halo Waypoint Link: https://app.halowaypoint.com/en-us/Halo4/sirius%20so%20sicK/home/match-4b4125e9b8f09d11 https://app.halowaypoint.com/en-us/Halo4/sirius%20so%20sicK/home/match-04a8a36c46a9d982
  7. Team Name: Old Dudes Player 1: sirius so sicK Player 2: iWaRfArE
  8. Thanks. Make sure to make room on your friends list if you are posting in this thread as these are people that are actively playing. Get rid of those kids that haven't been on in months
  9. I have curious question for you guys since I can't find the answer elsewhere. I want to play Halo 2 on XBC with some friends to get back in to the swing of things, so how would I go about getting the latest updates to play on? Is it possible at all? Or would we be forced to play pre patch if we went and bought the game today?
  10. my teammate and I will be happy to scrim with you we need some practice as well. hit me up sirius so sicK
  11. Thanks for posting guys, feel free to add others. I hope that this thread will continue to grow all the way through to the glory days that await in the Halo Master Chief Collection.
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