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  1. We'll definitely do this. Halo is back and will continue to grow. I'll try to get people to this site because honestly it's the only gaming forum info site that I actually stay caught up to. Keep it up Beyond
  2. GT: Shak3 2 Da Bake GT: Yoshi Does Work Team Name: Amateurs Live stream: twitch.tv/Jandali_
  3. I can bet 100 dollars that there will be a H2A....it's just so predictable since it's been ten years, they did h1A, and we've been asking for it for a very long time. In my eyes, it's been more demanded than Halo 5. I never got to actually enjoy the multiplayer in Halo 2, but i've seen the amazingness in it. I would be more excited to play Halo 2 multiplayer than to play Halo 5. Classic Halo is where it's at. So my money is on H2A and I hope everybody agrees with me which i'm sure you do. btw...if it's a crap game like Spartan Assault or Halo wars (or any small game like that)...i'll be really freaking disappointed. I'm really confident though that they would present something that crap at an amazing event like E3.
  4. Hey i'm looking to join if you guys are going to do the RTX H4 Tournament. On H4 i'm a good team player and have a consistent shot(even though its not hard at all in h4). I also stream and can record on my elgato. My GT is: Shak3 2 Da Bake. Peace out
  5. Hey guys its Shake and I want to announce that me and my buddy BrutalSnipes are hosting. There will be three great hunger games maps that i talk about on my youtube channel. If you want to enter you just have to sub to my youtube and brutal snipes youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qjyPVgRXKA So post a comment in this or the video if you want to join just leave your GT and subscribe. THANK YOU!
  6. Hey guys I'm looking to buy a cap card because I think it'll be fun to stream and just record gameplay. I was thinking about getting the elgato capture card and had a few questions about it. So the hdmi cable the goes from the cap card to my monitor ((the hdmi out cable)) does that put the gameplay on my monitor? I just need to know that because i wanted to know if i use that to play with instead of my vga cable. I have a Asus VS238h monitor btw and if you guys have any help and tips on a cap card that'll be cool....btw i'm not ganna buy a blackmagic intensity pro...too expensive...Thank you P.S i have a macbook pro
  7. YES!! an event in orange county it'll be the first event I go to.
  8. Hey guys I'm looking for a team for the online PGL tournament's. If you want to do doubles just send me a message my GT is Shak3 2 Da Bake. I also want to find a team for 4v4. I game a lot everyday and not always busy. I've been playing Halo for a long time and I think i'm ready to start taking it serious. Thanks,
  9. I'm up for online pgl tournaments but i couldn't do any LAN's....GT: Shak3 2 Da Bake we should run throwdown sometime
  10. So would this work? http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Asus---23.6%26%2334%3B-LED-HD-Monitor/8767187.p?id=1218890757510&skuId=8767187&addToWishList=true&_requestid=232943#tab=overview
  11. Do you recommend any good computer monitors i can get from Best Buy because that's where i can afford it because I have a gift card. Thank you
  12. my bad it's actually a 24" insignia LED HD TV....model number: NS-24E200NA14
  13. Hey guys i just got a new 24" TV last week and ever since then i can't move or aim correctly and it just feels really weird. I thought I would get used to it but i'm still in the same position. I play on a 4 sensitivity and i just can't move around maps and turn around and out br somebody anymore. Tips??
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