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  3. Idc that you say it .001 to all your other posts... You still repeat it alot. I dont care if you had sex with my mom but if you say it everyday it gets annoying... just saying
  4. Lethal was brought on as an entertainer for CLG to lighten the mood. Even after CLG won they were bickering. What I want to know is every LAN going to be in sound proof boxes like the EU? Lethal can't talk shit then. Literally he is the best at making people choke in person by opening his mouth, while still being clutch.
  5. I agree every player should be versatile. However, everyone has been on a team where you have too many dominant voices so even call outs get lost. I'm not sure what Lvthals exact role was tbh. Lunch- Game manager Snipedown-Main Slay Roy-Versatile Lvthal-Entertainer
  6. I just never really post so I lack on how to post them lol How about I send em you post em
  7. Even though there isn't real "LAN" just same internet......
  8. Mediocre halo? lol you're nuts if you think this halo is bad
  9. You act like naded is carrying them every game or something.
  10. I wouldn't classify AE as trash if it happened differently. I do think with EG being 3/4s benefits the opinion of AE being the best team atm due to their performance. If you dont have seeding and and tournaments everything is just speculation, so technically they are :/
  11. I can see where you are coming from I just think that if you are on top don't fix what isn't broken
  12. His team is the number 1 team. That is like the starting QB of an NFL team that just went through the whole season and half of playoffs as the number 1 seed to jump ship to another team lol
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