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  1. Does anyone have the screenshot and/or link to the tweet of Hecz telling Reiku78 that small brained people have small brain thoughts or something like that? It used to be someone's sig and it cracked me up.
  2. I'm really hoping we could have a Beyond the Summit tournament for Halo 3. It'd basically be just like watching TLN again with better production.
  3. Well deserved. 8-0. One of the most dominant grand finals ever.
  4. buddy this thread got derailed and went off-topic long ago
  5. Str8 Rippin 2018 Pro Line is out. Thought I'd let you guys know if your a merch collector like me. EDIT: nvm I'm late as fuck
  6. Saw some interesting things on r/leagueoflegends today https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/8g0gxu/100_thieves_partners_with_razer/dy7vaax/ https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/8g0gf5/is_league_the_most_polished_multiplayer_game/dy7utbs/
  7. Groups for Worlds should either be GSL-Style Brackets or Double Round Robin. Single Round Robin feels super lackluster to me.
  8. They are and he is. Accounting for the fact that H5's population is roughly estimated at 20-50k depending on the time/day. I obviously have no concrete or factual proof of these numbers but using basic deductive reasoning I think it is as close as we'll ever get. I based this info using the XBL most played list found here where Black Ops 2 and H5 are within 2-3 spots of each other usually and Black Ops 2 has an updating Players Online population count. The other day I checked this list and H5 was 3 spots above BO2. BO2 had a population of about 19k at that time. This leads me to believe H5 had roughly 25-35k (guestimate) players at the time the data was sampled and at a bare minimum at or above 20k. If I could get a player count for a game slightly above H5, we could get even more accurate. Of course this should not be news to anyone but still it's crazy that H5 can make it work with so many playlists and such a low population.
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