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  1. Down to run again. Only got to play a few before the tourny so.
  2. Hit me up. Good all around player. Event exp. Been in the competitive scene for a while. GT: Tiggy TANKS
  3. We have been playing halo competetively since for about 5 years now. We have event experience and are looking for two more teammates, who don't rage and are willing to learn from our loses and mistakes. Must have a good attitude, communicate and small talk effectively, and at least be onyx in arena(pending rank resets). Message me here or on xbox to run games. GT: Tiggy TANKS Teammate GT: Awptick
  4. Jacksonville School in Tallahassee tho GT: Tiggy TANKS
  5. GT: Tiggy TANKs. Hit me up if you want to run some games. Event exp. All around good player.
  6. Hit me up if you want to run. Going to Daytona. Event exp. All around player. GT: Tiggy TANKS
  7. Hit me up if your trying to run games. F/A at moment. Event exp., good player, blah blah blah. GT: Tiggy TANKS
  8. All around good player who has been playing competitively since H3. Took a break after Reach but have been playing MCC to get back into the competitive scene. I have event experience(Orlando,Reach), don't rage, and communicate well. No point of listing anything else, just hit me up on xbl to run games and see how it goes. GT: Tiggy TANKS

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