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  1. lol thanks. it's amazing we're on a forum board in a discussion thread yet you can't have an open discussion with people without everyone getting so heated and just neg bombing everyone. i guess I should follow the trend of memes + telling everyone what they just watched on stream
  2. Although I agree with this and disagree with some others, I'm glad some good discussion was had. thanks for your insight
  3. Why? This is the teams discussion thread right? This is a World tournament where you want the best teams to compete. Therefore the best teams should be there. Is watching 3-0 in 15 min competitive? Absolutely not.
  4. Maybe I'm alone on this, but from the first few games it confirms the notion that Halo is really only taken seriously / played competitively in the US. Aside from a few EU teams, there is really no point in holding a World Tournament when most of the world isn't playing Halo. If countries outside the US want to play competitive games, they're going to be focusing on CS, LoL, Dota, etc. I sincerely feed bad for players like Ogre 2, Pistole, Mikwen, Goofy, Str8sick, etc that didn't get to go and have to watch these teams play. It's insulting imo. I can understand that 343 wants to increase it's viewership and fan base, but I don't see a console game growing in other countries.
  5. i've come to the conclusion trying to keep up with these forums is like trying to keep your champion. don't play for a few days and quickly fall to onyx
  6. Just imagine. Champion game about to start. Camera pans to crowd going nuts. Guy smiling menacingly. Camera zooms in. Justin "Boss Nasti" Silva holding a sign. Points to Naded. Begins reading off list. 3rd: I showed you respect as a man when I met you. 2nd: me and Naded created this shit 1st: I made it so we could wear tight jeans
  7. Justin "Boss Nasti" Silva to return to the scene and demand credit for Naded's recent success
  8. Not sure how to tag peeps in comments but just wanted to say that the Ryanoob breakdowns are exactly what I was looking for so danke Ryan. Every loves halo for different reasons, and thus content should be diverse in catering to different audiences. Game breakdowns, funny moments in Warzone, opening 50 gold packs, etc all have a place in content production. Poor games in recent years + immature egotistical pros haven't helped grow the scene, but there's no better time then the present and the general consensus is H5 is solid. Everyone on the top 8 teams should be pumping out content imo, especially those attending X-Games.
  9. My only problem with the ign exclusives are how continually shitty the players are showcasing the game. like god damn get this kid playing a working thumb amirite
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