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  1. Lol thanks, I feel like I'm front row screaming about a solid AR kill.
  2. Sure... The weekend I switch internet providers and go to a hockey game... This happens... Be my eyes BEYOND!
  3. Dear lord.. finally caught up on the last five days... I'm getting to old for this...
  4. May have been asked already so please point me in the right direction, anyone have results from the North American games?
  5. Honestly I've gotten so used to no radar from past games that I forget to look at my radar in H5....
  6. Sigh... working all weekend next week... either way... it needs to be regional time already!
  7. Hmmm only 663 pages behind... now back to work. Yay for Halo! GL to all teams today.
  8. Legendary collectors edition arrived this afternoon, download started, life goal complete. Step two... Get invited to the Team Beyond group on HaloWaypoint... Challenge Accepted!
  9. You would like to think that they thought of this... But I predict at least 10 popular streamers going down on "game quit bans" within the first 48 hours
  10. Package should be arriving soon.... So ready.... Go faster time!
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