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  1. hit me up whenever, I need to FFA as much as possible to practice for local LANs
  2. Hey everyone, I'm getting back into the halo competitive scene now that I've noticed there are local LANs in my area, so I haven't really played much H4 and need to learn all the maps/call outs and what not..shouldn't take too long for me to get back into it. If anyone wants to play feel free to send me a FR, GT is Treplexity I also livestream, twitch.tv/treplexity come say hi Look forward to seeing you!
  3. GT: Treplexity Location: Falls Church, VA Stream: twitch.tv/treplexity Getting back into the competitive scene, haven't felt like traveling to events for H4, looking forward to playing at the DCHalo Lans that are literally down the street from me. Haven't played much H4, been living in the past and wrecking kids on H3..last MLG event attended was Raleigh 2011..feel free to hit me up to run anything.
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