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  2. Looking at this post makes me even more happy i sold my xbox for a ps4 smh.
  3. http://gyazo.com/9b23a9caf8edaebdfe5b801653ff3dbd Cant wait to see Golderboy cast
  4. GT: Trad3Mark, running customs right now message for inv.
  5. Looking for a solid team to run online events ( AGL Wired, PGL, and any other random online tourney we can get into )and possibly some big LANs if everyone can travel to them. Message Trad3Mark on live for more info, also may have another player if your team was looking for 2, add me on live if you want to try me out.
  6. GT Trad3Mark Daytona Beach
  7. Yeah you played extremely well and consistent at AGL5 at least from what i saw, i think honestly Goofy should be dropped since i cannot remember a time he has had a better series than you have in series that mattered, and since he had to take a trip to Pakistan, just seems like a illogical choice to drop you over Goofy, and i feel it will hurt Warriors more in the longrun, but we shall see this weekend. GL to you and Classic btw.
  8. Trust? No, never again. I do however believe that they have the necessary people, tools, and knowledge to make Halo 5 a great game if they keep up there support, and actually listen to our feedback for H5 instead of just using it just for balancing H4,
  9. Id also be interested too, and so may my roommate, add me on XBL if you wanted to talk.
  10. Grinding Multi Team 50 with roommate for the luls, come hang if you want http://twitch.tv/trad3mark
  11. I think we should atleast get an official competitive No Sprint test gametype running just to see how it plays, then post another poll to see everyones opinions after it has been played to make a final decision if no sprint works well in H4.
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