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  1. Snyderman

    NFL Thread

    $25 to jeremy's paypal if bolts dont make the playoffs save this post flowers
  2. Snyderman

    NBA Thread

    twas I. Marswag was the man
  3. i can't wait to see how allegiance performs when not in the comfort of their own sweatshops naded has them practicing in
  4. imagine lethul creating uncontrollable chaos 3 days before roster lock for a 3 million dollar tourney
  5. Snyderman

    NBA Thread

    can confirm this is your first winning season in fantasy history shut your mouth boy
  6. Snyderman

    NBA Thread

    gavin its a shame the rest of these suckers can't draft :/
  7. Snyderman

    NBA Thread

    2 of the top 5 teams have made 8 combined moves. the other 3 have made 71 combined moves. i win because my basketball knowledge/iQ/drafting experience/life is better than the rest. jk i haven't really kept up with basketball since comcast fucked my life up so i haven't paid as much attention to my team. set the lineups every monday, occasionally check throughout the week & move on.
  8. Snyderman

    NBA Thread

    i dont make moves cuz im not a pussy that needs to alter my original lineup
  9. Snyderman

    NBA Thread

    neems spanked me in fantasy somehow
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