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  1. So I found a way to get the Sniper Rifle on The Rig stuck inside the geometry of the map today: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Dr%20Huxxxtable/video/16561869 Don't know if this would be helpful to anyone, just thought it was interesting. Anyone seen this before?
  2. They must not realize this board has already confirmed Contra and Devon are going to WFX
  3. We could just stop numbering our seasons like iPhones. It not like anyone who follows the esport doesn't know what Season is currently happening, and it's not like anyone who doesn't follow the esport would care. "Remember the '15-16' season? Crazy." > "Remember Halo 5 HCS Season 1 (aka HCS Season 3)? Awesome."
  4. The only person I feel bad for is Bravo, just because it is his job to take the community's dump directly on his chest when you know none of it was his call in the first place.
  5. APG streaming for the first time in awhile. Talking team changes and what not. https://www.twitch.tv/apg
  6. ALG has been somewhat disappointing so far. Still a brand new team though. EG looking pretty damn good tonight.
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