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  1. Self employed do pay quarterly taxes. Pro gambler/gamer would file a Schedule C, (profit and losses for sole proprietorship), so yes they are self employed.
  2. For your first question, yes they will still owe the tax man their cut for the original winnings. But you can deduct your losses, but it's limited to the amount of your winnings. I am not sure how taxes work in other countries, but in the U.S. you are required to state earning made in other countries and would be taxed on it.
  3. the accountants fuck with TB. my firm uses this account collectively.
  4. I really enjoy these power rankings and when people give their reasoning for the rankings..gives me some perspective as a casual. Please don't stop.
  5. HaloWC Finals 18 ● $1,000,000 (minimum) ○ 1st - 40% - 680,000 ○ 2nd - 20% - 340,000 ○ 3rd/4th - 10% (each) 170,000 ○ 5th-8th - 3% (each) 51,000 ○ 9th-16th - 1% (each) 17,000 Not bad at all.
  6. Numbers aren't going to tell you good or bad, there are intangibles at play that will determine that and cannot be quantified. The numbers are there to give you an 'idea' of what's going on and shouldn't completely influence your opinion on how well the player did.
  7. Dude made about 20k from streaming since August and 20k from gaming in October..wtf are you talking about?
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