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  1. Hello! We are a To3 that are dedicated on getting better. We are on everynight, and we would like someone that can get on everynight as well. We talk about what we need to get better constantly, and would like someone that is trying to get better. We'd like someone that is in it for the long run. Also you must be able to try to be able to get on for the online tournaments as we have been competing in that and we want to continue that in the future. Message ADrummingKitty, or just reply if you would like to be our fourth. Team Mates in NA: --AGuitarTurtle --ADrummingKitty --Miku x Oracle
  2. We are looking for a fourth, that IS getting Halo 5 for sure, and can be on frequently. Looking for a support player, that is here for the long run. Average player preferred, willing to get better along with the team. Contact me at: ADrummingKitty on XBL, or just reply to me on here. Team Mates: ADrummingKitty AGuitarTurtle AnEmPtYtRaShCaN ----
  3. We have found potential team mates. Thank you. (i dont know how to delete this.)
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