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  1. On the bright side nV is essentially using EG as their punching bag for the time being. You're getting a fairly well prepared team to scrim when the time does eventually come.
  2. From an outside perspective it doesn't seem like they enjoy the game anymore. Just listen to the bickering during and after games. If it's business as usual for them it can't be the ideal situation for their prospective teammates.
  3. So if there is an HCS summit, does that mean we won't expect high level scrims during that time??
  4. This game was hard to follow as an EG fan, I just kind of marked the season finals on my calendar and waited for a google notification lol. I'm going to bandwagon over to nV and have a team to be optimistic for this coming season. Tires.
  5. They all have fairly significant changes. nV is probably my pick as I'm confident in Snipedown & Pistola, Huke was a good player for E6 with a great shot, and Mikwen is kind of a question mark for me (haven't followed closely enough, I know eL Town had a bad event & Pistola had a great showing).
  6. In my head, I'm trying to figure out what my ideal roster would be to take on CLG. I just have no idea. In previous Halos it was pretty clear who the best players are (outside of the top team), but in Halo 5 there is a lot of talent so I'm just not sure. Perhaps I just don't watch enough. How would you guys describe Huke and Mikwen as players atm? nV, E6 & C9 are the teams to watch in regards to someone to challenge CLG imo.
  7. What is the current nV roster as is? Missed the scrims and can't find the answers. I think it's Pistola, Snipedown, Mikwen and Penguin? Is penguin still on the team? Who is Suspector teaming with?
  8. I've been away for the entire pro league, but managed to catch the end of E6 vs nV and all of the finals. Has there been any movements team wise? What has EG been up to (I'm guessing Suspector is leaving am I right)?
  9. TuFoxy & Chalkie are definitely a step above the Buk twins. This is going to be a sick roster.
  10. T2 could be our guy if he faceplants in his attempt to make pro league.
  11. I haven't been able to watch much. Has Svspector been performing well thus far?
  12. Pistola has been fire... I wonder how good EG would be with Ola rather than Suspector. Mostly curious because that's what could of been had Pistola not broke his hand.
  13. Got here late. Happy to see that nV really showed up after posting not so impressive scrim results.
  14. As someone who will be getting back to it, with no halo 5 experience, I feel like autos should be a coveted weapon (think smg & I think storm rifle). So when you see radar + numerous AR battles, it doesn't look as fun as it could be.
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