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  1. Pretty map. In the game we played here, I think the sword spawns a little too quickly. Maybe raise the spawn time?
  2. Interesting addition to the rocky area.
  3. Interesting changes. I do like how the center isn't as open as before.
  4. Exceptional looking map, Zan. You pulled off the Forerunner theme quite nicely.
  5. Out of the three betas you posted, this one seems a bit off. I don't know what it is about it. I'll check it out when I can.
  6. Just gave everyone here a positive rating. I feel good today. :P _______________________________ Zandril, it's awesome that you changed this much in the map. Some people would have given up making the map remain mediocre. But props to you for staying with the map for as long as you can. Look what that did. The map has transformed from mediocre to pretty damn good.
  7. I loved Warlock back in the day. And you seem to have been able to capture the map quite beautifully here. This is replacing the Warlock remake I have in my hard drive as that one was made in Erosion. And I hate Erosion.
  8. A very sexy looking map. Loving that extraction cylinder contraption.
  9. This is very useful. Good job on this.
  10. When you judge real life building in a Forger's perspective.
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