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  1. Oh I'm not sure anyone with a sound mind would argue that Halo is as big as the PGA, that's obviously ridiculous. However, I feel like it shows that if we push forward as a community, and help Halo grow, that a resembling structure could possibly be achieved. Basically, I'm sure no one would be against top pros being paid more while amateurs also get paid. Perhaps it is just a pipe dream, but I feel that is a cause noble enough to struggle for. The bigger Halo becomes, the closer this could become a reality, which is why I wish we would shift our focus.
  2. I reckon I'm only arguing semantics at this point, but out of the 142 golfers, up to 66th place finished in "the money" be it only $22,729, a relatively small amount in comparison to the winner for sure. But if my math is correct, please do check me on it, that comes to roughly forty-six percent of the participants. According to that report, the other 76 golfers that missed the cut were all awarded $10,000, which I can only guess probably equates to the stipend you mentioned. I just wanted to play devils advocate and show that in the real world, a precedence does exist for rewarding effort. I'm definitely not trying to compare the game of golf to Halo.
  3. I know it's not the same. I really do, and as I stated previously, I don't really wan't to choose a side on such a polarizing issue. However, to play devils advocate for no other reason than to have a little fun, I would like to state that less than a month ago the 16th placed golfer at the US Open received $176,153. Here is a link to CBS's report. http://www.cbssports.com/golf/news/2017-u-s-open-prize-money-purse-payouts-for-each-golfer-from-12-million-pool/
  4. Well, I hardly ever post here. So if this post gets put on blast, ignored, down voted to hell, or all of the above... oh well. However, last night I quickly made a post expressing my disappointment in the divisiveness within the community over the recently released placement payout restructuring. I would just like to touch on that thought a little further. Before, during, and after my post, bickering continued between posters that breached into the personal insults category and very rarely consisted of constructive criticism of idealogical views about said topic. To reiterate, I rarely post here, so I'm not sure how much this type of shtick is engrained within the community, but posts preceding this one, user(s) are being called out for something as small as the proper use of possessive pronouns. A warning before, I have no real intentions of trying to spark any sort of political debate, just in the context of the argument, my minimal brain activity can only think of these two examples that will follow. With that said, on the topic of the placement payout...(deep breath) It seems that (roughly and not definitively for sure, again I don't want to insult anyone in anyway) that two schools of thought exist and I will do my best not to label them as they more than likely will be, but such is life. Some are in favor of what seems to be the prevalent form of "trickle-down" payouts, while others are more excepting of the more "progressive" form just implemented that more closely represents "trickle-up." Again, these could be extremely lazy or flat out wrong attempts to label the differences. If so, call my dumb ass out, my feelings won't be hurt. In regards to bettering the Halo community, both ways have their merits and faults. With a "trickle-down" system in Halo payouts, the top players get payed more (duh idiot), this allows them to live a (subjectively) more comfortable life, afford them the ability to put on higher quality and entertaining streams with happier personalities, giveaways, all types of crap I can't currently think of to garner a more hyped and emotionally invested viewer base. Most important of all though, that would hopefully lead to more viewers for the game. In a perfect world this would greatly help the community as a whole, I assume. However, the down side is that for this to work, those top talents need to give back to the community. It is a requirement for it to work. I'm certainly not trying to call any pro out for not doing that. I'm only stating what the system needs. Again, I really don't want to be insulting toward anyone. With the "trickle-up" system, a greater number of people are more able to participate fully in the tournaments and what not. Obviously the 9-16 teams aren't going to be able to quit their day jobs or anything, but they would be helped out a little bit. So feasibly, this too would lead to a larger and wider community solely based off of more people being able to take their shot and participate more regularly in tournaments and the like. Sure the upper echelon of players would be docked a little money, but is that worth complaining about if the betterment of the Halo community could prosper from it? I'm not equipped with the experience nor the knowledge to say one way or another. I'm sure many pros are in no risk of being thrust into the "poor house" with such a change, but I'm also sure some pros would be heavily affected. Again, I'm not trying to further a divide in the community, only to point out neither way is inherently evil, but both have negatives associated with them in some way. Personally I don't really wont to commit to either side. Nor do I want to attack anyone's beliefs. The only statements I have seen (I'm not name dropping) that I will disagree with are the ones that in summation states that when one was an amateur and trying to break into the pro ranks, it wasn't easy for them. They had to rough it to make it. Now, I'm quite aware, this is a stretch, but again, it is the only thing coming to my feeble brain at these early hours, but... My grandparents worked extremely hard so they could provide a better life for my parents, who in turn did the exact same for me. If or when my times comes (side and unrelated note, this general idea is totally unappealing to me at the moment) I intend to do the same. So basically, while I am quite sure many of todays pros struggled greatly to break into the pro ranks, I just don't like the ideology of "If I had to go through it, so should you." That's it, I'm not trying to choose sides...really, I promise! All that being said, I finally would like to get back to the original point. The one where I'm disappointed in the division within the community currently. As stated time and again, this isn't the first, nor is it the last time this will be stated, but Halo isn't exactly in a good state at the moment. So instead of continuing the infighting, I wish we could band together and as one, get back on that tired train of complaining about the lack of checks and balances, as well as a lack of accountability by TO's, Microsoft, 343, and any and/or all parties with the position to actually improve the overall Halo experience. All of this was basically a possibly futile attempt to state that in some small way or another, we all are and should be held accountable for the current state of Halo. Some more than others of course. Now I know it is easier said than done, but I would love if the community could gain some steam and some how force a positive change to our beloved game's current predicament. Of course that would first require a well thought out plan that actually works, but baby steps dammit! I still love playing this game. Seeing and trying to do what the best in the world do and actually succeeding five percent of the time is still one of the greatest feelings I have while playing video games these days. I just want the scene to prosper, that's all. Tl;dr version: Can't we all just get along? I like Halo.
  5. Hate to see such divisiveness within the community. Especially with where we and the game are currently at.
  6. I got my monitor, headset, and Scuf in today. Played a few games and did so so. The Scuf is going to take some getting used to after the Elite controller.
  7. Ok I was going to try out this BenQ RL2455, but if that top ViewSonic on that list you provided does the job, I may just get that instead.
  8. http://www.samsung.com/us/video/tvs/UN40D5500RFXZA-specs
  9. You've made a fool out of me for the last time. Ok, I'll try to get my hands on one of those BenQ monitors. See how that works.
  10. I was some what certain you were just Joshing me. However, I will always approach you cautiously and uncertainly, my guard forever up.
  11. Ok, that screenshot really did wonders. I'll start a custom game of Truth and check these areas out to get a better understanding of that map. Thanks for that though, I think they made it click much better for me. While queuing with randoms, I try to fill the holes. So for your example of CTF Truth, when the two randoms just circle the map looking for kills, while I'm pulling flag, I usually get melted. I just feel the randoms usually don't pay enough attention, but it could also be I'm trying to pull the flag at a bad time. I don't know. Working with them feels like my biggest weakness. I'll keep at it. In regards to aiming, I usually depend on my left (movement) stick to aim as well. I'm trying to incorporate a smoother use of the right stick into it though in hopes that I win more one on ones, just slow going, or so it feels. I see what you mean about abandoning the duels at ranges I'm not comfortable with though. The "Tram" jump up I spoke of is Red spawn on Plaza. When you spawn in, almost directly in front of you and to the right is the jump up with the cylindrical glass that allows you to peak at snipes without getting picked off by snipes. It has a small over hanging awning that I consistently hit which doesn't allow me to make the jump. Although after making my previous post, I went back and practiced compensating for it which lead to a significantly higher success rate. As far as your tip for crouch jumping on to the narrow ledge to get up to "Top Mid" on Fathom, that is a God send. I nailed it five times in a row after trying that and would have kept going if I didn't rush it. Fantastic tip. Finally I reckon I will just stick with my control scheme like you said since it feels the most comfortable. Again, I really appreciate the time you have taken to help me here. Hopefully I'll be able to put this to good use this evening. Cheers.
  12. First off, I would like to thank you all for taking the time to respond and offer tips and helpful words of encouragement. Apologies if my assumption that I would get crucified for asking for help some what offended anyone. The last time I tried to be competitive in Halo was H2. The community was pretty toxic then, along with myself. I'm aware of several aspects of me friend and I's game we need to work on. A lot of what @@The Tyco said. Being more acquainted with the maps, callouts, weapon placements, routes, all that Jazz. As of this moment, my only real source of info has come from me watching pro streams. So I often see what they do, which I in turn try to emulate to the best of my current ability, but I never know why they do what they do. Map control, blocking and forcing spawns, stuff like that is completely beyond me. Other problems I'm having seem to be so much simpler as well. How should my measly team of two go about our games while teamed with two other randoms? This seems for now to be a major deterrent to any marginal success we may have. So any tips on how to play with randoms as a twosome or even solo queue would be a godsend. Tips/advice for aiming is what I need as well. My buddy and I usually run about five to ten minutes of octagon before heading into team skirmish before heading into team arena. So personally I'm usually warm, but my mid to long range accuracy with the pistol and BR is still embarrassing. On top of something as simple as aiming another "simple" yet specific problem is jump ups at "Tram" looking toward Sniper on Plaza and the jump up to "Top Mid" on Fathom. I only get these roughly 35 to 40% of the time while I can get the "Plaza Sneaky" jump up at will. I don't know, these jumps in particular are beginning to really irritate me. My controller settings are on default (cringe) with 3 sensitivity and 4 acceleration. I'm currently playing with an Elite controller (which is slowly falling apart on me) with two paddles for boost and jump. I know many people "Claw" I've just never been able to do it, so using paddles just makes default seem organic for me, although I'm always open to suggestions, especially if the majority believes it will improve my skill. Since my Elite controller is going down the drain piece by piece, I think I'm going to get a Scuf this week. I'm currently chatting with my PS4 gold headset since, my Astro A40's crapped the bed after a month of having them, so I think I will also be picking up a pair of Hyper X Cloud IIs this week. So any advice on settings and gear would be very much appreciated. Sorry for this rant style post. Just thought I would vent a bit and wanted to respond further and in a little more detail since you all were kind enough to respond to me. I plan on going into a video deep dive with the content you guys recommended this afternoon, so I'm sure that will help with a lot of my issues. Again, thanks for the advice everyone has given me thus far and your kind words of encouragement, with the exception of @ jokingly calling me a scrub. Screw you pal. :poop:
  13. I'm pretty sure this isn't the right place, but I'm desperate. Sorry. Would any of you gents be willing to share your amazing H5 knowledge with 2 old imbeciles dying to be decent at team arena? My friend and I are just getting destroyed in gold and we would appreciate any and all help/advice to better our game. To hedge my ego's bet's, I'm totally prepared to just have a lot of people point and laugh at this despicable plea for help. So no hard feelings if all this post does is boost some peeps self-esteem.
  14. Having friends that like Halo... Sounds fun. Consider me jealous.
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