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  1. But who said their goal is to compete with CLG? From the little they have been practicing and the few changes in the team, it seems they are comfortable with the idea of fighting for the second place. To beat CLG, it would require an exclusive dedication to Halo, which most of them do not want or are not willing to offer
  2. Is the EG vs CLG scrim tonight confirmed? If yes, do we know what time?
  3. Because we like to play and have fun casually sometimes. Because people love PvE. Because there are way more casuals playing the game then competitive players and they deserve to get some sugar too. Because it's not all about being competitive all the time. Because it's fun. This mode exists because a lot of people asked for it at waypoint and reddit. But you obviously don't care about those people. It's OK that you don't like it. Then just don't play the mode. Why bother if other people are enjoying it? And this "money bs" helps to generate a lot of req purchases which gives money to hcs. 343 is doing a lot for the competitive scene. Stop bitching about everything. But probably you will do it again when infection drops next month
  4. You don't say. I could swear it was meant to be a competitive mode. Testing for HWC 2017.Shame on you 343
  5. Well, it is a beta, so they could make it more challenging based on community feedback. I hope so But it's actually fun to play
  6. I think create a HCS playlist is not feasible. Modify Team Arena to contain only HCS gametypes also is not feasible since many people like to play other modes and maps/gametypes. Perhaps a solution would be na "All/Only HCS" toggle option. By default MM searches for games in all gametypes and maps in team arena, but there is a toggle in the bottom menu (the same way there is one to enable/disable others mic audio) to search only official HCS maps/gametypes. By selecting this option, you would be notified that it may increase the search time. I think this way everyone would be happy. Who likes to play in all modes and maps can still do it, and those who prefer only official HCS maps/gametypes would not mind waiting a bit more for it. I don't know, just an idea.
  7. Welcome to the business world. This is not an exclusive practice of Microsoft. Several companies do this when they are not market leaders, since consistently announcing lower sales then the competitor creates a bad mindshare among consumers, even if the product is superior to the competition. On the other hand, when the company is a market leader, they usually always announce the numbers whenever possible for obvious reasons. What I think he meant is that the data that Microsoft currently provides to shareholders is more relevant to them than the raw sales numbers. But yes, they could provide both if they wanted. They don't because they are not the market leaders in this generation. It doesn't necessarily mean that the Xbox One is not selling well or is a failure. In fact, as far as I know, the One sales are higher than the 360's in the same time frame and probably more than the original Xbox sold during its entire lifetime. The problem is that PS4 is a beast and unstoppable, largely due to the disastrous launch of Xbox One and the bad mindshare that even today they are still trying to reverse.
  8. To be fair, he's talking about shareholders, not consumers, since the companies have no obligation to provide any number of sales to the general public
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