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  1. Whats trilla my killa
  2. Oh dear god not another "No sprint" guy. Have you seen the vod on the Pit Remake? You won't even be able to jump from platform to green box without sprint. >_>
  3. im sure there would be an option to make it were the ball won't score if it's not in the players hands. If you could do that then it would be like neutral assault all over again but now you'll be able to throw the ball.
  4. As, I was watching videos on the new map pitfall, I came across the VOD of Pitfall and the new gametype "Ricochet". ( )This gametype actually looks pretty dope and I could see it being extremely competitive when played at a high level of skill.
  5. Yea sign me up for the next one! GT: Legend JR2
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