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  1. Yea this really. Playing H3 today would be enjoyable because that was my first real experience with it, and not because of what's come after. It's all subjective. Apollo made some good points. Putting an opinion in meme form doesn't make it fact or to say something is far better. It's all opinion.
  2. The common factor for both of these styles is your life. BRs you only get one. Arena FPS you get to respawn. Just like the end of a slayer when you're trying to conserve your deaths. BRs are on an extreme end. Much like Hardcore mode in Diablo games. That style isn't your tea. I like it personally as a gametype, but not a base game.
  3. It's so early in the lifespan of gaming man. We will see a few games get bigger than Fortnite in our lifetime. The bigger and more mainstream gaming gets, the bigger the audience and gamer population. It's an important piece in gaming history? Yes. Is it the biggest game there will ever be? Not a chance.
  4. Yea it's like comparing money from different eras. Gotta adjust for inflation.
  5. Man, shortening Battle Royale to BR in a Halo forum gets me all messed up for a minute before it clicks.
  6. Yea that was interesting.They were close. Ola was the reason the original Renegades team never happened since Mikwen followed Ola instead of joining.
  7. Man, some of y'all really love to nestle into drama. You live for it, especially with a polarizing topic like Ninja. The man ran with a negative "what if" thought when asked about Drake and ended with "...or maybe he just wanted to game". I'm gonna give him the benefit of the doubt and guess he doesn't seriously think the latter. If one thing is apparent, he has been very good at capitalizing on his newly gained fame. Why would someone smart enough to do all that, burn a bridge with Drake? Digging into people and dragging them because you don't like the person(especially if they are doing better/have become successful) isn't a very attractive personality trait.
  8. I think "non-linear" may be what they are after. They aptly named the new engine Slipspace after all.
  9. Same here. My card hasn't changed or expired but it appears it stopped taking out and we don't have premium. RIP
  10. Same here man. I lurked a lot back then. I mean still lurk, but I used to, too!
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