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  1. Spectator mode needs to be improved before NA Regionals. If they are going to use it then it needs to be accurate and responsive. Watching X-Games and being able to see live feeds of the players facial expressions and seeing them erupt when they won a game was just like the glory days. Spectator mode is to be honest awful and ruins the experience.
  2. Great post, now I hope they read and integrate your ideas as I personally think they're amazing. You're not asking for much, we're asking for what we should get from them but don't.
  3. to2 Halo 5 HWC Ladder Skai and T Madone looking for two. GT: Skai cant shoot
  4. I've been watching since 2006, I'm a big fan of the FB/Carbon and Str8 days. Even TD in H3 then Instinct. But in today's landscape when the top 8 teams can change a lot easier than it used to be. In H2 the same teams were Top 8 every event. H3 that changed with varying placings. Theres WAY more to it than that but we all know the gist of it.
  5. Thank you all for the feedback, it was 4 AM and I just started typing while working on a video that I am going to post to YouTube later this week. Just wanted some opinions. I feel like skill wise they're the best. There are games where any of them can have a monster game. We'll see, I'm excited to see them in H5.
  6. Could EG Go Down As The Greatest of all Time? Of course we would love to see an old school vs new school battle of the best teams from what most people will call the classic halo period, Final Boss, Carbon, Str8 Rippin against today's hot teams. But we can't all we can do is speculate. The amount of dominance we saw from Carbon and Final Boss in 2006 and again in 2007 was incredible. When I was first hearing about MLG in 2006 those were what I would call household names of Halo. Evil Geniuses from their creation in Halo 2 Anniversary looked dominant. They went in to the first event the favorite, CLG being a close second with the GOAT Ogre 2 leading the way with two of the best young talents Snakebite and Royal 2 behind them. That event didn't pan out to EG's favor, even losing the 4th piece to their puzzle to an injury sustained at the event. Was it all over? Or was this the beginning? The beginning of one of the most dominant runs in Halo we've ever seen. Picking up Lethul as the 4th member of the team, no one was too sure what to expect, Lethul everyone's favorite troll had a golden opportunity to put any haters to bed. Everyone of them should be tucked in tight by now. This is in no way a disservice to what I will call again "classic" Halo but, a new era of player that didn't come in and steal the spotlight until Halo 3 reached higher levels. With the decline in viewership in Halo since Halo Reach you may ask if we can even assert a comparison of the two timelines. Speculation is the word I will use for this as we will never see a classic FB vs EG match or Carbon and EG main stage match. When I first heard of Snip3down, he made waves... Going to his FIRST event in 2008, the first year of Halo 3 and reaching top 8. TOP 8! Most players gradually work to that point, change teams 10 times and finally find the perfect mix of players to break into that elite status with. He goes on to be on 4 different teams that year and ultimately win the Nation Championship with Str8 Rippin along with Tsquared, Legit and Elamite Warrior. The next two members of this team hail from my home state of Illinois, the twins Roy and Lunchbox. Two of my favorite players ever. The banter between them is perfect and can you really actually win a debate over who the better player is? I don't think so. Both bring such great mentalities to the game. Lunch, the tactician, always thinking ahead to the next move. Studying the game. He works full time and runs laps around teams with his smarts for the game. Never a player to doubt. While his twin Roy can always give you the best shot around, if I were to describe the two using one word it would be SOLID. Always give 110% game in and game out. Winning came to this team naturally. The most raw skill mixed with the strongest strategy around. When they aren't missing its tough to come out on top against them. CLG and Denial tested them every tournament with some moments where it seemed Evil Geniuses' and every member of the team kicked into the next gear to come out on top. Where is the ceiling for this team? We've yet to see them top out. What is to come in Halo 5? I don't know that answer quite yet. The game is so new still, the game is so fresh that it can't be played like any of the old games. All I know is that I would hate to see them on the main stage on their best day. -Skai
  7. T Madone and Skai To2 We've been up and down trying to find people to run with... GT: Skai Cant Shoot
  8. Looking to run games. We've been teaming for awhile. Our schedules are pretty flexible and we like to play as much as possible. GT: Skai cant shoot Twitter @SkaiHCS
  9. T Madone and Skai need 2 for Online Cup June 13th Add: Skai sE to run games.
  10. hmu whenever. I'd probably at least give everyone a chance.
  11. Lol i didn't even check my thread. this was amazing to read. I love the Halo community.
  12. Need two to run games with tonight! Gamertag: Skai sE Events, will talk online more. Season 2 cups and S3 going forward. Considering Indy if team is good enough.
  13. To2 Possibly Indy with Solid Team Been to events before. Solid competitors GT: T Madone GT: Skai sE
  14. I am down to run games with you. I've been to events before, down for any role, previously a slayer. GT: Skai sE On every day/night
  15. I am down to run games with you. I've been to events before, down for any role, previously a slayer. GT: Skai sE On every day/night
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