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  1. Need 1 assortment of points in old Halo games. GT: Hi Im Revolver
  2. Unboxing/Review of the Elite Controller and My current settings for Halo 5:
  3. I haven't agreed with anything anyone has said on these forums more than I agree with this post.
  4. Hey y'all, Just dropped by to let everyone know my team that has an assortment of useless expired points from seasons long passed has made a new YT channel chronicling us getting ready for the next season of Halo Championship Series. Check us out: Introduction: Elite Controller Unboxing: Note to mods, my videos will be confined to this thread. I won't spread my mediocre video editing like the plague that it is.
  5. Isn't that what CSR is for? If you're new to the game, you'll get bronze and only play against bronze players. Unless you're with a friend who's carrying you, but then other players should have the right to know you're a diamond 3 or whatever. It also gives the player going in with their friends incentive to try, because if you lose to players in lower teirs your CSR will plummet. I can see where the catch 22 comes in, but with 3 playlists, you can really only be top tiers in one unless you have enough time to commit to all 3, essentially making one of them a social list. However, you have to have those playlists because some people just prefer them over the "one to rule them all" playlist. I know some guys who treat swat as serious as I do HCS. I always go in with the mentality that my rank doesn't define my skill as a player, and I'll earn what I deserve in the end. I'm not going to stress if I'm Onyx and my Gold friends want to play with me, because at the end of the day Im going to compete in HCS tournaments if I want to prove I'm truly the best otherwise it really is all "just for fun". That's just my opinion anyway.
  6. I don't mind AR/Pistol starts, they seem to give you a chance to outskill an opponent while makibg weapon pick ups weapons on the map more relevant. As long as map design supports it and its not BS, I'm down.
  7. Poison: 7000 Combine Points Revolver: 7000 AGL Halo 4 Points ZSquared: 7000 Gamebattles Online points Looking for one intelligent, open minded player who doesn't suck and is looking to improve and strive going into Halo 5. Right now just playing MCC to get some chemistry, and looking to game hard come H5 release. We'll be on tomorrow 7/10/15 from 1230PM CT to 6PM CT Message Poison Poison, WBR4 Zsquared, or LBR4 Revolver
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