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  1. *cough* *cough* br *cough* cough* or a four shot pistol...
  2. take the ar out of ffa..its a little ridiculous...have br pistol starts in ffa or just pistol starts...but not ar pistol
  3. thats true...im an average player with the sniper at best but when i have it in warzone or something..i feel like a beast
  4. i dont think the maps are the biggest issue for ffa..while some are better than others the reality is with the map size, long sight lines, player mobility, short motion tracker and bad spawns...adding 8 players to the mix is just to much...it becomes more random and then it should...a certain level of chaos in ffa is fine but this much is just overwhelming....way to often people spawn within sight line of me...quite often while im in a fight and vice versa...theres to many instances where two people are fighting, someone interupts the fight, and then someone interupts the person interupting that fight...i dont know about lower level ffa but in onyx its just plain frustrating...and personally i would be fine with just power ups in ffa...straight up gun fights would be great
  5. yeah i dont know about you but i get signifigantly more headshots with the sniper in h5 then any other halo game....even halo 2 anniversary with its monstrously high aim assist
  6. does anyone know if and when FFA is going to be 6 players instead of 8?
  7. any word on whether or not FFA is going to remain the trashy joke that it is? how soon are they gonna fix this comical garbage?
  8. i dont know what pay pal is...do i need an account?
  9. they changed to serUe the same role because the games themselUes changed
  10. halo 2 halo 3 halo 4 halo 2 anniUersary...the br's function changed to accomodate the change in the game...its able to do that because its an extremely adaptable and balanced weapon...and get the fuck out of here dude the dmr is ridiculously easy to use...its so accurate and has such long range that its really not that hard to use...people like you exaggerate the skill gap between single and burst fire weapons...yeah single fire will haUe a higher skill gap but not to the extent that some people imply...its consistancy alone mean you can hit them anywhere on the body eUen just barely skim them and the bullet will do full damage eUery time...again im not saying burst has higher skill gap but its not as far behind single fire as some people imply...the main reason i think the br is a better starting weapon in general is because oUerall its a more balanced starting weapon...and especially in halo 5 where you haUe a powerful automatic as a starting weapon and a bunch of other OP automatics as map pick ups it might not be a bad idea to haUe a weapon like the br that is a little easier to use...mainly with the final shot....the first 4 shots with the pistol are easy as hell its just the kill shot that can be a little easy to choke sometimes
  11. you could say the exact same thing about the pistol...and eUery other gun for that matter...i think the br in general is an oUerall more balanced and appropriate starting weapon then the pistol...the pistol is a little harder to use but that doesnt mean its best as a starting weapon...especially in contrast to something so easy to use like the ar...they should either buff the pistol to a 4 shot kill or replace it with the br and make the pistol a map pickup...maybe buff to 3sk in that case....or(and this is what i would prefer) put br pistol starts into the rotation with ar pistol starts the same way they rotate the maps
  12. i dont know when it comes online...and just because i apparently dont know english doesnt mean im wrong about the br...and i guess it would be more accurate to say that the ce guys are creaming themselves because the weapon that was primary utility weapon in one halo game is making a come back and the people who played every other halo are wondering...whats going on...i guess when halo 4 came out and it had armor abilities and shit the people who liked armor abilities just said ohhhh your just being nastolgic...except reach but reach was dmr not pistol
  13. you know whats eUen better...haUing the pistol and the br!...but i guess the assault rifle is the obUious comeptitUe choice right
  14. haha..i loUe how people say its the br fans that are nastolgic...the br has been a staple for halo more than the pistol has my friend
  15. your right but i wouldnt try to argue the whole sprint thing..its not going away so i would focus on what you can actually change...i agree with what your saying about h5 ffa and theres many more problems than you stated...however many of the issues would be greatly reduced by just having six player ffa instead of eight...it wont solve all the problems but it will make it playable
  16. well i think they should nerf the ar at range or even keep it the same and have BR/AR starts with a buffed version of the pistol be a pick up on the map...make it a 3 shot kill or something so its really worth picking up
  17. i agree 100 percent...those problems are only made worse by bad spawns and non existant motion tracker...the motion tracker thing i can deal with but mix it in with all the other bullshit and my god man...ive decided to not play ffa in halo 5 until they make it 6 players...i mean they may as well just put you in a giant octagon...that might actually be more fun than ffa as it stands now
  18. just out of curiosity..why is the "weekend social" ranked...its literally played just over the weekend...which is kinda dumb i mean why not make it weekly...whats this weekend shit....yeah brooo i got onxy in the weekend social....it shouldnt even be ranked to begin with
  19. player 1 fights player 2..player 3 kills player 1 and player 2...player 1 spawns behind and kills player 3...player 2 spawns behind and kills player 1...and the cycle continues..the cycle continues...the others players get involved...(blind kid playing football gif) WTF IS GOING OOOONN!!
  20. ive already said this on here but i have to say it again...FFA in halo 5 is broken...its not only the worst FFA ie played in any halo game...but its the worst ive played in any shooter gamer...ever...its a joke..and quite frankly doesnt deserve to be in the rotation...it was obviously not play tested at all...fix the spawns and make it 6 players instead of 8 players and maybe then it will be playable...not good because there is absolutely nothing good about halo 5 FFA...but maybe it will be playable to the point where its not just something to make clips about how comically bad it is
  21. its not their fault man they are just stupid...oh gee that sounds like a real good idear aye...lets do it!
  22. to be fair that sounds like all of the maps in ffa...i loUe it when people quit in ffa because then its actually fun...it needs to be 6 players...8 player ffa in halo 5 is way to frustrating...if i wanted to get shot in the back eUery two seconds i would play call of duty
  23. i dont know if this is the right place to say this but the loe of god....make ffa in halo 5 six players...the maps mixed with the bad spawns and extremely short motion tracker make an 8 player fffa extremely annoying....atleast in onyx it does...i dont know about the other ranks but im sure its similar

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