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  1. Implying race is only skin deep again lol.
  2. Who said anything about importing asians? I want no more immigrants ever until america fixes itself. Everyone can fuck off equally.
  3. No, actually, it isn't. Because the Japanese have lower crime rates across the board than whites.
  4. "It's debunked" isn't an argument. Neither is calling someone "racist" or "nazi" or "white supremacist".
  5. LOL. Do melanin levels cause sickle cell?
  6. Yeah no shit we won't accept being treated like serfs. That doesn't mean you get to import millions of people who will work for a pittance with no tax.
  7. Lmao. No one is forcing black people to murder each other over drugs or other ******** gang shit. You're legit dumb. It's actually laughable
  8. Only the cities. And in european cities you get knife, machete, and acid attacks.
  9. You only think the climate is fucked because you've been brainwashed into thinking abnormal temperatures over a few hundred year period actually mean anything. They don't.
  10. "give us your guns or we'll nuke you" If you aren't stocking up on water and ammo by now you're ********.
  11. Implying IQ isn't heritable LOL. Who's party denies science?
  12. fifth column media all report on a "white male" using the photo on the right (left is his mugshot). Keep pushing like this and soon enough people will start being disappointed when the bombs don't go off.
  13. I wonder why Halo (and video games in general) turned to shit, could it possibly have anything to do with people like this being hired en masse at every tech or games company?

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