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  1. it's already in the game though, and no matter how pessimistic I am towards 343 after the last decade I still don't think having aim assist values adjusted is far fetched. edit: 16 shot mag highly unlikely to ever actually happen
  2. by .1 seconds, big whoop. the low potential ttk provides greater outplay potential, just tune down the aim assist, bullet magnetism, whatever to the point where the average shots to kill is closer to 8-10. 10 on average would put the ttk at 1.25s.
  3. kinda like the .5 ttk honestly. 16 round mag and way less bullet magnetism would make it perfect.
  4. New doom looks slower than shit. Disappointing.
  5. Oh lawd. Flag is the only thing worth playing on The Shit.
  6. Just because you put something on the map doesn't suddenly make it good for the game. Sprint makes for a horrible power up because it discourages confrontation.
  7. "Top players" ruined Halo just as much as shit dev maps did. Here's a crazy idea for Halo 5, no symm maps outside of CTF/bomb.
  8. You're a fool if you think the community can do anything to prop up these shit games. Until we get a game that's good nothing can be done, that whole stuck with MW3 for 3 years thing? Nah, imagine 7 years.
  9. rocket jumping was initially a glitch in quake, would you have removed that as well?
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