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  1. Lmao yall still mad sanders sold out in 2016. He was never a serious candidate and his job was always to gin up millennial votes for hillary.
  2. You're not going to be happy when white people do find their backbone.
  3. LOL yeah china (+india) who make up 90% of the trash pollution in the oceans are surely beating the US in "addressing the climate". You have less than room temp IQ.
  4. You don't actually believe this you fuckin liar and you're not fooling anyone here.
  5. Yes. People with money respond to what the president says by buying and selling stocks, because they understand that his words have power. Are you actually having trouble grasping this?
  6. "obstruction of justice". You must have a very different, flawed definition of "justice" if you think Trump was obstructing it. Imagine your dickhead neighbor prints a bunch of "proof" that you committed crimes and gives them to your local pd, who then come to your house without a warrant and tell you that you're coming down to the station for questioning, and if you say no you're "obstructing justice" and you go to jail. That's what you're trying to do to the PRESIDENT and it's not going to fly in this country you fuckhead.
  7. Left wing media and "journalists" are a fifth column that need to be removed from life.
  8. Imagine trusting the words of people like pelosi and schumer and their media pets.
  9. It's too expensive because wages are suppressed by illegal immigrants willing to work for pennies. And the the world isn't overpopulated, China, India, and Africa are overpopulated. White Europeans are most certainly dying out.
  10. They were under investigation by cps and nothing came of it. Not surprising when you understand cps is just a government funded child trafficking organization. They intentionally funnel well adjusted kids from normal families into the hands of drug addicts and molesters.
  11. Most whites who marry outside their race are disgusting landwhales living in trailer parks. Their genes aren't worth preserving so it's no skin off my back. Also have fun saying goodbye to your potential racemixed kid if he or she should ever require a bone marrow transplant.
  12. Leftists are all xenophiles desperate to import men from the third world to replace them so it's a natural conclusion. edit: white leftists*
  13. And they're all going to self destruct unless that changes.
  14. They're poverty shitholes, not crime ridden shitholes. Edit: Japan, South Korea, Denmark, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Estonia, Slovenia, Iceland.

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