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  1. In case you're incapable of understanding the image, whites are the only group that votes across the line.
  2. Lemon is so blinded by his hatred of white people, it's hilarious.
  3. Only braindead leftists think this. People with brains understand that there's 50,000,000 (minimum) illegals in the country and they absolutely do vote illegally.
  4. This should have been obvious the first time when they cried about not getting funding for migrants. It's really amazing, even a worldwide pandemic doesn't stop them from prioritizing people who hate americans over actual citizens.
  5. Don't bother dude, these people gobble up headlines like an untrained dog goes after his food.
  6. No one outside of twitter is buying this shit bud. Everyone knows the CHO screwed the world when they ignored warnings from Taiwan months in advance.
  7. Yeah because with the Rs there's no evidence, just accusations from Ds, while accusations against Ds are routinely correct.
  8. He's right lmao. 90% of the journalists in this country seem like they work for foreign governments. They deserve a whole lot more than mean words.
  9. border just needs to stay closed then
  10. Lmao yall still mad sanders sold out in 2016. He was never a serious candidate and his job was always to gin up millennial votes for hillary.
  11. You're not going to be happy when white people do find their backbone.
  12. LOL yeah china (+india) who make up 90% of the trash pollution in the oceans are surely beating the US in "addressing the climate". You have less than room temp IQ.
  13. You don't actually believe this you fuckin liar and you're not fooling anyone here.

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