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  1. I found about 40gigs of capped H1 twitch gameplay probably over a year old all of it is high res. A lot of snippy snap, and toxin. I think there might be some hali and soulja streams too. If there is any interest in these gameplays, I might throw up a youtube channel and upload them. From what I have rewatched so far, I have found footage of toxin streaming the h1 tourny when he was teamed with mando and beat ogre 2 and nistic. If there is enough interest from people wanting to see the gameplays, I guess upvote this post or something so I know there is demand for it. I won't be taking the time to upload all this if there is just one or two people interested in this. My connection is too slow to waste that much time for a small demand. BTW, love the 34flea market comment! Haven't heard that one before haha.
  2. Nice to see you back on H1! I was watching some of your 3v3s this morning (I really wanted to hop in with my partner and run ffa, we would have had 8, v4li never replied back though). I suck at Halo 1 but stream from time to time. Not really trying to gain a following, more about studying my gameplay and learning how I lose/catching bad habits, but I can't get past listening to my own voice in the replays I watch. I hate hearing myself lol. Had some people talking shit about me in chat too, I didn't bother to read it, just going off what my partner was telling me. Kind of discourages me from streaming. Is there a way you can privately stream without any random person being able to watch it, just for the sake of capping your gameplay? I'm wondering if appearing offline would make it so my stream doesn't show up publicly. That way I don't have to deal with better players that have been around many more years than I, talking down on my gameplay. I realize I am not good and never claimed to be. I heard they were quite harsh on me, instead of politely critiquing my game. EDIT: Still want to run the playlist with you sometime man, I'm sure I could learn a lot from you. If you see me on and want to play, hit me up with an invite.
  3. When you guys LAN H1 do you use cat5e or cat6a cables? Does using cat6a Ethernet cables on LAN improve the off host disadvantage at all? I just ordered a cat6a for online gaming because they are shielded much better leading to less signal interference and less chance of packet loss. I didn't even know cat6a or cat6 cables even existed till the other day.
  4. I seriously want to do a collab with him. I have never made a tage before, but I have some pretty crazy clips I've saved over lifespan of mcc. I don't have the editing talent to make something like that. But I love his style and would love to contribute some clips. I have some fairly good material. I may end up just throwing together a clip compilation instead of an actual montage. I don't have the patience for making one.
  5. Figured I would share this montage, it's in my top 3 h1 tages. Along with winterwonderlan (wish I still had the 720p copy and halo 1 proze 2) This montage has some skillful plays, but this is more about humor than skill, although he does pull off some plays on some very talented players. Saw it on reddit a while back, it deserves a second look. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s69adTCXglM
  6. Yeah, wine can be a little iffy sometimes though depending on the programs. I think it will work according to the research I did.
  7. Nice, with a little research, it looks like I can get it running on my linux machine. And I know how to soft mod boxes, so that wont be a problem. Just don't tell me people are going to be glass walling and shit on there?
  8. Alright, if xlink is still alive, any tips on where to purchase an OG box. Also, will xlink run on a linux machine? Will I need to play on the same version of halo as everybody else? Like can somebody on a modded copy of halo play with somebody running on non modded version?
  9. He played as 'Lil Talent' in H2. I guess he has gotten better since then, I remember smacking him around quite a bit in THC. EDIT: Mixed up Contra and Cratos, my bad for the misinformation. I don't pay enough attention to the scene these days.
  10. What if you are in camo/red pistol area and camo is up in ten seconds? Would you rather get your teammate a random and risk him spawning totally out of position to help you contest camo? Also, the other team will be eyeing those randoms down there looking for you give one out, if they pick you off, you won't be getting that camo at all. I personally will let a teammate get a bad spawn near me and die if it means that I can secure or at least burn camo. I used to go for randoms all the time but in those situations I feel like randoms are not the optimal play. I also like spawning my teammate with me or below me at shotties when I am top blue if camo is coming up. When my teammate spawns, one of us will push out for camo while the other sits top blue to cover. I am pretty new to H1 so I am probably wrong lol, but it's been working for me so far.
  11. Definitely in Halo 1 still, can't comment on other playlists.
  12. Bout to lose my mind searching for a game of Halo 1 2v2. Only team I have matched last two hours insta dodges. So frustrating. I wanna play so bad.

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