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  1. Hi i am a Halo player and i am looking for fellow Halo Players in Indiana. I live in Indianapolis. If we make a team i would be willing to contribute to gas money for traveling to events. I however do not have a car but i could help with expenses. I don't have a good KD on Halo MCC to be honest. But there are several reasons for that. I had a starting KD of 1.3 in the Halo 5 beta and it was still rising. I am looking for a team to compete online or at LANS with. If you are interested in either online or LAN events we could manage both. I'm getting better all the time and i think i could be a good player on a team. Add me or message me on Xbox live if you are interested. Gamertag is xLGDZx STEALTH. Thank you and have a nice day.
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