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  1. I used Evade, and it easily allowed you to run away from a fight.... and keep on running. But, Thruster Pack lets you get behind cover or behind a corner fast; it is not a 'Get Away Free' ticket if you put yourself in a really dumb place. (I did not play in the MLG playlist or competitively as I do now during Reach, so I did not use Evade other than to cover distance in Invasion) So, I prefer Thruster Pack over Evade. 

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  2. "In possession of a mysterious data chip, Petty Officer John-117, aka Master Chief, confronts a new battery of challenges and tests in a Herculean effort to stay alive in a galaxy where sentient life is mercilessly hunted. Pre-order the next chapter in the wildly popular Halo series designed exclusively for Xbox One."


    Is this all it said or was there more? If there was more, I NEED TO KNOW!!!

  3. Round/life based gametypes. Always get talked about, very rarely given a shot in Halo


    Would you like to see them in customs/MM/competitive settings?


    For discussion sake, how would you have them for 4s and 2s? Can this work for 1 v 1?

    (Using the extraction gametype, unless you Dominion with last stand)




    1 life

    2 minute rounds, a weak weapon spawning at start, better weapon at 1 minute

    1 ext point, 3 sec arm, 7 sec convert. In a spot which has alot of cover

    1 ext or elimination to win.

    First to 5 points/9 rounds




    2 lives

    2 minute rounds, a weak weapon spawning at start, better weapon at 1 minute


    2 ext points, but only 1 team can arm them, creating an attack/defend scenario. 3 sec arm, 10 sec convert (forcing the defending team to protect the arm). 2 exts or elimination to win. or....


    2 ext points at start, but your team can only arm on of them (at their base). Neutral ext site spawns next. 1 sec arm/3 sec convert


    2 sites/elimination to win.


    It sounds a bit like SnD. But I like it!

  4. I'm guessing they're going to have 1 ball and 1 goal. Or maybe have 3 balls like it was in H3 multi team for Oddball, and then have 3 goals.


    Either way, it's gonna be chaotic.

    I was first thinking that there would be one goal per team (8 goals total) and just one ball  :blink: . Any team can score on which ever goal they want. But thinking about it now, I guess it will be neutral ball and neutral goal as you said. 


    This is one gametype where 'Brace for Carnage' would mean exactly what it says.

  5. I just saw the Halo Bulletin, and it said they will be adding Ricochet to the Multi-team playlist. If there is going to be 8 goals and standard Multi-Team settings, this is going to be one chaotic gametype!


    Thoughts on how it might be set up? or thoughts in general?

  6. I became a fan of the Halo series in 2001 when Halo CE came out. Became an even greater fan since I got my hands on Halo 2, 3, ODST, and Reach! Despite the flaws in Halo 4, it takes more skill to play and is more competitive than several of the other games around. I loved Halo 4 since the first day I played it. 


    I stuck with Halo till the launch of Halo 4 solely because I am a huge fan of the series. Since Halo 4, I stuck around because I want play competitively and because I am a huge fan. I want to be one of the best at Halo and not any other game because I love Halo and not any other game. I have played Halo for over 10 years now and will continue to play it and be with the series till the end. 

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