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  1. Map looks pretty good. I'll definitely be downloading this.
  2. Replaced the 1x1 blocks. Spawn points will be completed today and the map will be uploaded to my FileShare. The link will be added here today as well.
  3. "Long lost installations such as these once used to beacons used by the Forerunners to guide vessels. Even after the fall of the Forerunners, these installations continue to function..." Beacon is a symmetrical 4v4 map made on Forge Island. It currently supports Slayer, CTF, Oddball, KotH, and Extraction. The map itself is completed, spawn points for the separate gametypes are being set up and will be completed within a couple of days. UPDATE : Oddball has been removed Beacon has four primary bases; Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. Controlling Yellow and Green will allow line of sight to both teams' bases, to Mid-3 and Mid-2, to the courtyards, and to the bridges. It also allows easy access to the Overshield. Mid comprises of three main levels; Mid-1 (bottom mid), Mid-2 (mid mid), and Mid-3 (top mid). Overshield spawns on Mid-3. Tactical jumps are available to get from Mid-1 to Mid-2 and to Mid-3 as well. Ordnance on the map includes the following, Sniper Rifle - 120 sec Railgun - 120 sec Overshield - 90 sec Map Trailer Screenshots File Share link - Download Now!
  4. How do you upload images from your PC as your Signature? Or can you only link an image?
  5. Map looks great and well-forged!
  6. De-scope I want it back in Halo 5. In previous Halo games, it took a lot of skill to use the Sniper as well as all the other precision weapons. Now, even a bad player can sit there taking shots and dome a skilled player. In Halo: Reach and other games before, if you didn't have skill with the sniper, you can hit a proper shot. De-scope rewards skilled players with the Sniper in the sense that they can get a no-scope even if they get kicked out of scope, if they are skilled enough. Sprint In Halo 4, I don't mind it. But it does allow you to position yourself in really dumb places and get away with it. However, in Halo 4 if you are one-shot and sprint away, the other player can chase you down and kill you with their sprint as well, so I don't think it is game-breaking and too much of a problem. That's just my opinion. However, after playing Halo 3, I actually liked having no sprint in Matchmaking. My opinion I want De-scope back over no-sprint.
  7. One more thing I would like to see is player-controlled weather. There are several of my maps which would look much better if the weather would be stormy, raining, and dark. Bit of lightning would also be nice, but not necessary. Furthermore, an option for Selecting and Grouping Forge structures/creations and saving them as a Custom Pieces would be great to have. Then, you can use it any other map you are building. Maybe you can even upload that structure to your Fileshare and let others use it. Background scenery pieces. Something like a Broadsword Fighter taking off from a runway and flying off into the distance on path that we can plot. Maybe vehicles going back and forth on a player-created highway or the whole thing would be one big Forge piece (but it would add considerable strain on the game engine if there are many, but with Xbox One's specs, it will work fine). Or Covenant Ships floating in the sky firing down plasma or launching Seraphs (like on Landfall). Most importantly! Couple of plain Forge blocks (Like green screen piece, but with blank color) which can be resized by the player using the Width, Length, Top, and Bottom options. This way, we can add a huge floor for a map rather than waste a bunch of Wall, Coliseums on it.
  8. Was it Snip3down that has the Fruit Ninja .gif? If so, can I have the link?
  9. Any thoughts on the map? Based on the screenshots and trailer?
  10. Close to India, but actual location is classified. B) Also, thanks for the feedback!
  11. This forum post is slightly late (by close to one and a half weeks!). Just wanted to let everyone know that I have put up some videos about Legendary Slayer and the locations of the weapons on the maps. My commentating is not the best, but I show everything on the map. Weapon guides are available for the following maps, Abandon - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZL6URfzlsAc Adrift - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPw-sWamm5g Haven - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rR5FkXxacQs Shutout - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lDLJT0Tq2M Solace - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUT5jp66hp8 Hope this helps anyone who wants to know all the weapons on the maps on Legendary Slayer. Spawn times, number of weapons on the map, and max. count are included. Thanks!
  12. Gold sniper will respawn, because it is the one that was dropped.
  13. Just added some. Been trying to work out how to attach images.
  14. I'm not sure whether this belongs in the Forge thread, but anyways, I am almost done with a map on Forge Island which I made specially for Throwdown. Tried searching everywhere, but I could not find where I could submit a map for the Throwdown playlist. If anyone knows where I can do so, please leave a link or direct me. By the way, the map (http://teambeyond.net/forum/index.php?/topic/2018-beacon/) is an arena style, fast-paced map. Supports Slayer (of course!), CTF, KotH, Oddball, and Extraction.
  15. With the Xbox 360 Slim, you stand a better chance of getting host according to Nak3d Eli. I only get host when I'm not playing against people from the U.S. or when I'm having a 1v1. BTW, my Download Speed is >8 Mbps, Upload Speed is 1 mbps, and Ping is 30 ms.
  16. Do you have to play and get placed with top 4 in all five weeks to qualify for the top 20 or just play and be in top 4 for just one week in order to be in top 20?
  17. I'm making a map of my own intended mainly for Slayer, CTF and King of the Hill, named 'Beacon'. It is symmetrical, bases for both teams, medium sightlines for most of the map. Middle has three levels; Purple Basement, Mid-Purple, and Top Purple. Built on Forge Island. (screenshots coming soon, still only 50% done) Minor similarities to Simplex, Dispatch, and an MLG map from Halo: Reach (Ninja has a 1v1 Perfection with aPG on that map, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fk6fgbLHBwY) Ordnance - Overshield Red Sniper Blue Sniper All three types of grenades at key points Other Weapons - BR, DMR, LR, Carbine, Assault Rifle, Plasma Pistol, Boltshot, Magnum, Storm Rifle, Suppressor If anyone wants to help me test it after its done, it would be much appreciated.

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