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  1. GT: FEARDEATH24 Customs (Iron Gaming V2.2 Settings) Asia
  2. Looking for anyone in Singapore or India who wants to play some 4v4 customs with Iron Gaming settings. Please leave your GT below.
  3. That is one map which pulled off the Forerunner theme pretty well without any impossibly large structures. Kudos on that! Map looks amazing, will try to download and play on it sometime.
  4. I used Evade, and it easily allowed you to run away from a fight.... and keep on running. But, Thruster Pack lets you get behind cover or behind a corner fast; it is not a 'Get Away Free' ticket if you put yourself in a really dumb place. (I did not play in the MLG playlist or competitively as I do now during Reach, so I did not use Evade other than to cover distance in Invasion) So, I prefer Thruster Pack over Evade.
  5. Is this all it said or was there more? If there was more, I NEED TO KNOW!!!
  6. Oh Dayum! This map looks beautiful. I will be downloading it, but I don't think I'll be able to test it. But if get the chance, I'll be sure to leave my thoughts!
  7. It sounds a bit like SnD. But I like it!
  8. I would have to say Skyline and Haven. Maybe 4v4 Complex
  9. If it is going to be like this, then Ricochet would work great.
  10. I was first thinking that there would be one goal per team (8 goals total) and just one ball :blink: . Any team can score on which ever goal they want. But thinking about it now, I guess it will be neutral ball and neutral goal as you said. This is one gametype where 'Brace for Carnage' would mean exactly what it says.
  11. I just saw the Halo Bulletin, and it said they will be adding Ricochet to the Multi-team playlist. If there is going to be 8 goals and standard Multi-Team settings, this is going to be one chaotic gametype! Thoughts on how it might be set up? or thoughts in general?
  12. No bloom. The BR's spread is already random, adding bloom would make this 'Suppressor Jr', if that makes sense.
  13. Hello, welcome to Beyond Entertainment!
  14. I would like to see Sprint either be completely removed or kept as an Armor Ability Agreed with this; maps should not be built around Sprint.
  15. All three are great. Someone made a gif of Snipedown falling because Obi Wan pushed him off with the Force, LOL!
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