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  1. Two or three days ago, pros were on here saying that they wished people didn't take everything they said so personally. That what they said while competing is just in the heat of it. Definitely just an overblown situation.
  2. Great vlog from Maniac. I'd encourage anyone making vlogs to go with the jump cut style Maniac did for his. It takes more time and effort, but it makes watching vlogs so much more enjoyable. I mean, nobody wants to watch all your awkward pauses while you formulate what you have to say.
  3. That's not the point I'm trying to make. Lets say you love biking. You do it every day from sun up to sun down. Then one day you fall off your bike and break your ankle. So you go through rehab to fix your ankle. At the end of rehab, it doesn't feel quite right and you have doubts if you can be as great of a cyclist as you were before. (this analogy works if you've been injured before) What happened tonight was basically Ola coming back from rehab and falling off the bike again. He probably has a lot of doubt in his abilities and ended up lashing out in frustration. It doesn't excuse what he said to Naded or what he said about the community, but it's understandable with the right context. Anyway, C9 should've stopped the scrim when it was 0-7. It was like watching the Red Wings light up Patrick Roy.
  4. Eh, just a bad night for C9 that snowballed into a terrible night. I doubt it's just the photoshop that upset Ola. For as long as he's been in the scene, Ola has been the golden child. He's the wizard. But then he broke his hand and I'm sure all his confidence was replaced with self doubt. So then he comes back into the scene and in a week he loses 0-11. He gets egged on by the chat while they drop -9ola and #betterwithninja on him. It doesn't excuse what Ola said, but I think his reaction was understandable. Sorry if I'm projecting here. I broke my leg as a kid and 10 years later it still doesn't feel right.
  5. Will anyone from the C9 Halo roster make a video or post in regards to the roster change? Ogre2 made a video about CLG's change from Heinz to Cloud. APG wrote a forum post about Noble and Denial. Etc. A lot has been already said, but I think it'd be nice for someone on C9's side to set the record straight. It's a cool way to interact with the fans and demonstrate some level of transparency.
  6. That's it. I've had this account for almost 2 years and never felt the need to post. I haven't cared about Halo this much since 2010 Final Boss.
  7. I know we're all upset over Maniac's move, but holy smokes I like that rumored Denial squad.
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