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  1. Pistola had some nice content for Ambush Halo. Shame he didn't continue.
  2. Makes sense why EG, CLG, and C9 scheduled a LAN before the first event. They get to quad host the PGL tourney while also preparing for Atlanta. Also on Hysteria's stream, they said Pistola would be streaming within the week.
  3. iirc, his streaming equipment is in Ohio. I don't know why he didn't bring it with him.
  4. Have grenades always been so easy to shoot? I swear I see it once a game.
  5. Anyone know what happened between Clayster, Crimsix, Teepee, and Aches? Last time I was into CoD, they were winning every event. Tried reading up on it on the cod.esportspedia, but nothing outside of "personal differences"
  6. Heh, 12 minutes before the announcement. You also speculated Maniac to Optic (or something like that). I'm starting to feel like I should follow your posts more.
  7. I know this has been said since 2010(?), but I wish Halo had a spectator mode similar to CoDs. I know nothing about CoD, but it's made watching the championship easier and somewhat enjoyable.
  8. I was screen capping as well. Game 3: Lockdown King CLG 142-103 Game 6: Warlord Slayer CLG 50-31
  9. EG vs. TeamRanda | EG wins 3-0 Game 1 - Shrine Flag 2-1 Game 2 - Warlord Slayer 50-45 Game 3 - Lockdown Ball 200-93 (hot damn lbx) EG vs. Noble Black | EG wins 3-0 Game 1 - Warlord Bomb 5-0 Game 2 - Shrine Slayer 50-30 Game 3 - Lockdown King 177-106
  10. Game 1 - Shrine Flag Game 2 - Warlord Slayer Game 3 - Lockdown King Game 4 - Warlord Bomb Game 5 - Lockdown Slayer Game 6 - Shrine Bomb Game 7 - Warlord Flag Game 8 - Lockdown Ball Game 9 - Shrine Slayer All taken from Snipedown's rebroadcast.
  11. Denial/C9 scrim 5-3 Denial Warlord Flag - Denial wins 5-0 (I think C9 only had 1 or 2 flag pulls) Lockdown Slayer - C9 wins 50-46 (C9 had an 8 kill lead) Shrine Bomb - Denial wins 1-0 Warlord Ball - C9 wins 200-90 Shrine Slayer - Denial wins 50-21 Lockdown King - Denial wins 147 - 109 (C9 was up ~30 seconds before they had to replay it.) Warlord Bomb - Denial wins 2-1 Warlord Slayer - C9 wins 50-40
  12. From the C9/EG scrim last night. Lockdown KOTH - C9 won 200 - 48 Shrine CTF - C9 won 3-2 (Went to overtime) Warlord Bomb - EG won 5-2 Lockdown Ball - EG won 194-193 (EG was up 147 to 60) Warlord Slayer - EG won 50-44 Shrine Bomb - EG won 1-0 (Went to overtime. Sort of surprised EG only had 1 arm, tbh) Does it matter who is host each game? Because I'll make note of that too if it does in future posts.
  13. Snipedown with 22 kills in a 50-47 loss against TeamRanda TeamRanda frustrating all the pro teams online.
  14. No scrims, but they are playing PGL matches. Fiz is currently subbing in for Legit because (according to Ninja), Legit is partaking in a fantasy baseball draft. @
  15. I've always wondered why he did that. I thought it was his way of making fun of Optic Halo because he's thrown up "greenwall" more than any of them combined.
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