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  1. This is my first event in a while. I just strolled up and found a seat near the front. It's nice that this event is so close to me, but I had no idea no one would show up.
  2. Hecz vlog (5:47 if the time stamp doesn't work) He mentions that of the 4 of them, 2 were still under contract and 2 were free agents. All 4 wanted to play for Optic. (obviously) He expressed interest back and then he ... made it happen.
  3. lol at E6General casually mentioning they pay more than Liquid. Like "oh did I mention that? My bad" Seeing all these contract talks reminds me of when Snakebite asked twitter if it was rude to ask someone how much they made. I wonder how long it'll be until we won't have to ask because it'll be public information.
  4. Definitely. I've heard both Lethul and Ryanoob talk about techniques inside the game (whether it be how to game the radar or grenade placement) that aren't super well known in the community. And considering pros want to build up situational awareness where they can use said techniques, they can't just broadcast it to all the other pros. But then again there's CLG and they broadcast all their scrims. So I don't know.
  5. there was also Crimsix's old duo, Twin Savior. Oh and Blaze. Crazy to think 3/4 of Infamous was in that video.
  6. In a way, I'm surprised Ninja went with Roybox + Towey. Because those three are so well respected by the community that if anything goes wrong, he's gonna get the brunt of it. And thats nothing new to Ninja, but it could be worse this time around. But then again of course he'd team with them. Also, top five: CLG, nV, Luminosity, Liquid, E6.
  7. How about Devon, Contra, Ryanoob, and Shooter? Ryanoob tweeted about how good Shooter was during the finals.
  8. Feels weird to read forum posts talking about dangerous teams without RoyBox being part of the conversation. I know we shouldn't sleep on the twins, but I guess Snipedown leaving them sets that kind of tone. Also I hope Arkanum comes back.
  9. You know, I didn't realize how good that Denial squad of Huke, Contra, Devon, and Bubu was. Shame they didn't stick together for a bit longer. Can anyone inform me as to why they split? I remember Contra and Devon having a falling out with the owner. Also, I didn't realize it till after the event passed, but it sucks that we didn't get to see EG or ALG this weekend. Didn't feel right to have an event without Roybox or Ryanoob.
  10. If Snipedown joins nV, I wonder who coaches the team. Feels like everyone on nV loves Elumnite, but could you say no to Towey?
  11. Seems like we're nearing the point where Hysteria's attitude will outweigh his skill. Considering he's been asshole since H3, you gotta hand it to him for his longevity. Most people would just learn to stop being an asshole, but dude's not a quitter. Jokes aside, it's a shame we won't see LANsteria next weekend. It's only during events do we remember why pros still team with the guy.
  12. lol, accidental mobile neg. I upped some of your other posts to make up for it. I was going to make a post commenting on it (like so many other people do) but I didn't want to out myself as an accidental negger.
  13. I love that there's a rumor that Naded tried ditching his team twice to join nV. Ditching his team to join one that has Pistola? The same Pistola that gave us "suck a dick Brett?" The same Pistola that Naded accused of always being shady?
  14. I'm glad to see Ola and Heinz teaming again. And I'm glad to see Formal, tentatively, back into the scene. feelsgoodman.jpg
  15. EG 3-0 Noble. During Lockdown TS, Lethul will practice his jumps in library as he waits for Noble to push. Denial 3-0 TL. Closer games than the series would indicate. aPG has a running riot. C9 3-1 CLG. During the listen-in, Pistola says something offensive causing Bravo to immediately apologize. Optic 3-2 WFX. Best series of the four. Chad goes unconscious from all the clips he gets to use in his next montage.
  16. As far as LAN-based nicknames go, LANsteria is my favorite.
  17. I think one of the reasons C9 did so well this weekend was because Victory didn't have to whisper. I feel like during online scrims, the rest of C9 (especially Pistola) sort of compensated for Victory's whispering. So in a way they were handicapping themselves online. It'd be like running with ankle weights versus running without them. I know the difference of playing online versus on LAN was a bigger reason (especially for Hysteria and Pistola), but I think Victory's communication is top tier and we don't really talk about it. Also, shame we didn't see EG play C9 this weekend (C9 knocked into losers by CLG, then knocked out by Denial). EG probably wins, but I was really looking forward to Pistola playing his old team.
  18. lol Pistola. Any other note worthy trash talk moments? Also, care to comment @@Buckness?
  19. I knew I forgot something in my request. D'oh. But yes my twitch username is "davidprevails"
  20. Can I get an invite to the twitch chat? Also, this is the best
  21. I like TeamRanda because their personalities make them a good heel for Halo. I feel like throughout competitive Halo, there's always been a "heel" team. Like we had 07' Carbon, 08-09' tD, etc. I hate to compare TeamRanda up next to teams that actually won, but the public divide for the team is certainly there. Also I wish Ninja would put out more youtube content. I don't really follow competitive CoD, but I'm subscribed to and watch Nadeshot and Scump. Across sports and e-sports, there's a real yearning for "behind-the-scenes" type content that's largely been neglected in Halo. Maniac is sort of tapping into that, but it'd be cool if more pros did it.
  22. Well a year ago, I would've been fine with ricochet in the cycle if it meant keeping the scene alive. So with that said, I'm tentatively fine with ricochet.
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