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  1. Game types for the losers finals. Just watched them do vetoes. http://i.imgur.com/ibKGIiw.jpg
  2. It's going on during OpTic/nV But yeah check the periscope in a minute.
  3. Not sure if there's going to be another periscope worthy event. I'm guessing Liquid / Most Wanted
  4. https://www.periscope.tv/davidprevails I'll start and stop in order to conserve battery. Let me know in the forums what you want to see.
  5. TMMT vs MW is entertaining not because it's close (it is) but because the trash talk is great. We have the CEO of TMMT just yelling out Gary's name every now and then. And then we have Boam just yelling out "easy" after every kill. CEO guy prematurely yells out "choke" during game 1. Everyone just looks at him looool
  6. 3sUP / Most Wanted MW takes game 1. Lots of trash talk coming from them. They're definitely the loudest team at the venue.
  7. He's at the venue. No Str8 Rippin shirt this time around. I talked to him yesterday – he's here for work but isn't casting for whatever reason.
  8. Liquid defeats Carnage 3-0. Hamy had an overkill in game 3. It wasn't close.
  9. nV vs Most Wanted. I'll update this post with the scores and commentary.
  10. TMMT just upset Liquid 3-2. Commonly assasinated someone… but it didn't register. Drama.
  11. Liquid/TMMT on a side stage. Elamite is here. No Str8 Rippin shirt. Liquid up 1-0 after a 3-0 on Coli Flag. TMMT tie it up. 50-42 on Truth Slayer. TMMT lead 2-1. Rig Strong Holds Liquid tie it up 2-2. Truth Flag TMMT win 3-2. Plaza Slayer. Lost a 7 kill lead late.
  12. It's a shit show. nV won game 1. Game 2 has been on hold because of technical issues. The first time was because Shooter's monitor fucked up. Then the second issue was because someone's controller is interfering the game. They're about to start I think. Game 1: nV Rig Strongholds Game 2: E6 Plaza Slayer Game 3: E6 Truth CTF I'll let Mikwen explain the bull, but I can see why they're upset. Poorly run.
  13. I'm guessing it's going to be the down time between matches and audio issues. During most main stage matches, one side would be talking to a staff member about something – probably audio because they'd start doing stuff to their set up. Also might be the audio of the commentators. It's pretty loud – which is a problem considering there's no soundproof booths. Edit: these monitors have a 5ms response time. wtf
  14. nV and E6 are about to play on the side station. I'll update this post with the series score once it starts. Edit: Game 1: Rigs Strongholds.
  15. Liquid and E6 are playing on the side station. Will provide updates when I can. Edit: they've signed on to Xbox live. So I won't take pictures of stats. But I'll give the game score and a little commentary on it. I'm watching from Liquid's station. Game 1: 100 - 96 Rigs Strongholds. E6 wins. Liquid choked a 40(?) point lead. Game 2: 50 - 34 Plaza Slayer. E6 wins. At one point, Cratos is shitting on snipe and yells out "I'm not even good." Game 3: 3 - 2 Truth CTF. E6 wins. This game started before nV/OpTic's game 1 and ended much later. Nothing too note worthy. Weird note: Penguin, Rayne, and Commonly are sporting nV skins.
  16. Rammyy's dad is here to support. No creeper photos from me – you'll just have to take my word on this. I love it when parents show up at events to support their kid.
  17. Update: went out to eat and found someone in a Formal jersey. I was walking towards him thinking it was Formal. Nope. It's Frosty. Still said hi though.
  18. Yooo, I'm in a blue shirt with a black Kings hat. Someone asked about the crowd – nV's win was probably the loudest it's been outside of the occasional outburst from an AM player.
  19. I'm at the event. What's the best way one could feasibly update you guys? The admins are updating the series on toornament.com but haven't published the tourney.
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