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  1. Now that Pistola is (allegedly) on LG, Ninja is gonna have to root for him. That's pretty funny.
  2. It seems most speculative news has Mikwen and Ola splitting. Is that a given? Because I thought they'd be a duo forever. My guess is that nV has extended an offer to Zane. And he's deciding if he wants to make himself a packaged deal with Spartan or not.
  3. I read the last 5 pages or so and couldn't find the speculation as to who would be replacing Huke on nV. Seems like I missed the discussion. Anyone mind rehashing to me who nV is playing with? Also I saw on twitter Liquid split… what's the latest on that?
  4. Liquid w/ Stellur and Eco probably have a higher ceiling than w/Commonly and Spartan. But it'd be kind of funny (and sad) if they still plateau at 3rd.
  5. https://twitter.com/Mikwen_nV/status/723319880011931649 it's his pinned tweet on twitter.
  6. Lots of people will point to the EG Dota team releasing a player after winning the International 2015 as an example of "anything can happen" because the team won ~$6 mil. But I agree with you that it'd be crazy to have a roster change because winning should guarantee a level of job security. Plus, I don't think it'd be healthy for a roster if one member was in constant fear of getting dropped (although, i'm no sports psychologist so who knows).
  7. I remember in the early days of twitter everyone, including pros, would just be straight reckless on twitter. But that was 6 years ago and this dude is still tweeting a whole bunch of garbage he'll delete later.
  8. I miss the old Lethul, straight from Michigan Lethul The bowl cut hair Lethul, the winning tourneys Lethul. I hate the new Lethul, the trendy haircut Lethul. The brisk mate Lethul. The loyal pusC having Lethul 1 I used to love Lethul, I used to love Lethul I was a cummie, Lethul (that's all I got)
  9. Letting a streamer have their own personal brand of justice opens a can of worms for twitch. So in a weird twist, if anything happens to that donor, Ninja is screwed.
  10. He continues on with a conversation with Spartan about how we (the community, the pros) need to be more constructive. For the most part I agree that we shouldn't bite the hand that feeds. And that there are other (I guess better?) avenues to voice our complaints, but this isn't about the event. Like yes, the event wasn't thought out but it's more about a level of respect. As in it's hard to take the higher road when you don't feel respected. And the disrespect isn't just from this tourney – it's the game settings, game types, maps, etc. This feeling has been building up and it makes sense that after such a poorly run tourney that it'd spew out. It's just so convenient to look pass why we're upset and just solely focus on us being upset.
  11. I'm not sure if I understand the urgency to replace Ninja. I get that he should put more emphasis on staying alive, but his aggression is really valuable when you're trying to create chaos. But at the same time I'd be really interested to see who EG picks up.
  12. LBX's suck it is right up there to 2gre's choke chant. So great.
  13. https://clips.twitch.tv/pglpro/UgliestTroutUncleNox Watch FiS' splinter grenade. He accidentally walks into it and a second later his teammate walks into it. lol
  14. I remember the week before EVO, Mango was doing a Q&A and he said it was amazing he's won 2 EVOs because Vegas is the biggest counter for him (alcohol, gambling). And seeing all the tweets about pros getting blasted Friday night reminds me the temptation is definitely real in Las Vegas.
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