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  1. Name: Rafael Gamertag: aShutdown Games Played: Halo 1-5 Area in California: Santa Ana (Southern California) *****I WILL BE SOON MOVING TO CA IN SANTA ANA**** Im just trying to start looking for players in the halo local scene in Cali to go to Local/Events in the near future so if you want to add me go right ahead im always down to game H5.
  2. Shutdown here, I'm 16 I've been playing Halo since CE and started getting into competitive in H3 i love to watch streams from time to time but i love to play TD or Customs or anything Halo wise and im always willing to play with any one so hmu on XBL GT: OG Shutdown. P.S Don't be shy i'm a very out going person and very chill and hyper lol PEACE!!

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