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  1. Warzone made far more money than BTB though, which is what 343i/MS were banking on. I honestly am surprised 343i even bothers making their own maps anymore, like they created a great map making tool, and they still bother with it, no business sense.
  2. Reach BTB was garbage, there was so many maps that I often didn't even know what I was playing on... Halo 4 BTB was good because vehicles could be dealt with easily (compare that to the ridiculousness of Halo 5, and you see where I'm going with this) BTB is pretty much always a good gametype, I wasn't there for 1/2 MP, but aside from that, I always had fun with it. Teh 4 was the best out of the ones I played because vehicles were weak, and unlike most of the garbage maps in 4, BTB had some really good maps that actually had setups and such.
  3. MS shot themselves in the foot by trying to put all the Halo's into on game, it just makes the whole premise of H3A seem pointless. Even if they were to make an excellent remake of Halo 3, people will just look at them and wonder why they couldn't have done that with MCC instead.
  4. after what happened with CE Anniversary and MCC why are people still clamoring for H3A? Let it RIP...
  5. I would rather write constructive criticism that 343i would read once in a blue moon then post "343i sucks" a million times just to have them ignore it later on. Weren't we supposed to talk about the HCS? lol
  6. Yeah, would've been awesome if MS would've delayed the game (MCC) for a few months, but regardless. You're just proving my point man...
  7. Issue with melee is likely in coding, it isn't a knob they can turn (like with weapon balancing), so it may take anywhere from a week to months to fix. 343i aren't at liberty to give specific dates or anything because it would basically put them under a specific deadline which they may not be able to match. You are not going to get a better response.
  8. Yeah people seem to assume that more complaints = more solutions, the reality is that it depends on what kind of complaints and what kind of solutions. I often will talk to other people about stuff (politics, movies, games, religion, music, etc.) and what always pisses me off is when they say something along the lines of "this movie is trash" or "this game is sooo lame" as if I'm supposed to give a shit about that kind of opinion. Why is it bad? What is the root cause of the issue? I could just as easily bash Halo 5 as I could any other Halo game, or any game in general, however, the reasoning and the logic is what really matters. Now I'm going to #ShockTheWorld and say that 343i probably does listen to us (I would expect numerous employees regularly lurk around this forum at least) but they're too busy reading through the plethora of "Halo 5 is dad" and "343i buttfucked us" bullshit to really take away anything of value. Some issues will likely never be fixed because corporate interests come into play (Microsoft's wishes don't always reflect 343i's, or vice versa) and some issues take a long time to actually fix (ghost melee confirmed dead 2017). What I hate hearing the most is the HCS bashing, like I know there are issues with the settings and servers and everything, but did y'all see that sick match between Liquid and Envyus yesterday? That shit was good, no matter how many ghost's were involved. One can only hear "fix these servers 343i" so many times until they become bored and disinterested.
  9. Watched HCS week 5 Day 1 on twitch about an hour ago, the Liquid vs Envyus game was easily the best series of the day, arguably one of the best in the whole season. Just incredible to see such clutch plays, I almost wonder if more teams will try to do that route from now on. Oh and thanks @@Moa for finding that out, I was about to say that its likely a complicated issue (anything that has to do with fundamental mechanics is likely difficult to fix) but its still great to hear from @Bravo
  10. GOW4 still gets a lot of flak though, I honestly think the biggest failure of GOW4 was to not bring back Overrun. That gamemode was awesome. At least Halo 5 maps aren't all grey Firefight has always been garbo, besides that it is pretty cool to play with a team of 12. Reach definitely had a better progression system, they need to make certain (badass) cosmetics (like the robot arm or inclement weather) achievement based in H6 and beyond, a lot cooler than the "ooh piece of candy" system that Halo 5 has. Halo has always had lame dlc, I can't think of anything lamer than the whole map pack model. Now 343i could've easily done a far better job of implementing microtransactions, making certain items solely achievement based, and maybe making certain REQ's entirely level based, but by making them gametype specific, it alleviates many of the issues that microtransactions usually cause. As for the whole Splitscreen debacle it is likely that MS pushed 343i into making Halo 5 look as "cutting edge" as possible, hence why they had to remove Splitscreen, then MS figured their would be a huge backlash over it and told 343i to keep it under wraps. That issue had far more to do with the limitations of the hardware than it did the devs.
  11. To be fair it is extremely common for devs (or just creators in general) to celebrate anniversaries.
  12. Reach IMO was one of the best in the series as far as weapon design is concerned, many pointless variants were removed, and they added some cool ones (plasma launcher, grenade launcher, focus rifle) so its ironic that 343i didn't decide to move that into Halo 4/Halo 5. Plasma Launcher is really meh. Hydra basically does the same thing, but you know they'll add it because it was found in Warzone Firefight. I'm more excited for the anti air wraith honestly, been waiting for that thing for years.
  13. I would really like to see a precision weapon (either sniper or rifle) of some sort that was really good at ricocheting, would make some really awesome montages and trick shots.
  14. Is this really the problem? Would you prefer devs telling you about how they do things for reasons you don't approve of? Yeah it is always entertaining to see one of most underperforming teams shoot up the ladder like that.
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