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  1. Ninjas shot is really good but his moevment & routes he takes are basic af... He misses the same jumps I do & does stupid ishh w/ power weapons... This is coming from a ninja fan you can tell he doesn't like to play halo anymore... After scrims he gets on & plays h1z1 lol... EG is a good fit for him cause roybox have their own ishh going on & already play part time halo. He fits right in & it baffles me how they think can compete w/ only playing 2gether during scrims & a few games of match making. Stellur is now the only full time halo player on EG & @ best MAYBE they pull a 6 seed @ the end of the season... As a fan I hope they win & get ishh figured out but a part of me wants them to continue to lose & have to go thru some of these youngsters on the come up in the AM scene...

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  2. I see everyone talking about how well Lunch was playing last night vs clg but I was watching Frostys POV & the kid is a absolute animal... Every time I tune into his stream he's doing something that I've never seen... A jump, a route, a ledge, an angle, a crouch & turn to stay alive. I have not been so impressed by someone's gameplay movement & on the fly thinking since I first seen areallygoodnoob show up in halo 3... End Rant n shoutout to Lunch tho good to see him & eg playing well n not tilting + complaining!

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